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🍒 Casino Strategies and Secrets - Betting Against the Public


When craps players bet against the shooter in a casino table, the most common strategy is to play don't pass and don't come. Backing those bets by laying the free odds cuts the house edge to the bone for “Dark Side” or “wrong bettor” – as the majority who bet with the shooter refer to don't players.
I favor the dark side pretty much exclusively. I'd rather have a. Darkside Strategy... The PL/Come bets are some of the best on the table.
That's one hell of a start to come out with a dark side post right off the bat. If you simulated this with and without hedges over a good number of ...

How to Win at Craps...Safe & Slow - Craps Betting Strategy

Craps Strategy - Increase Your Chances of Winning at Craps. The betting range. The Five Best Bets in the Game of Craps with Syndicated Gambling Writer John Grochowski.. Darkside players should follow the same principle; one bet only.
I hear he's pretty good at dice control.. John Patrick's table charting techniques as explained in his book Craps for the Clueless.. I also wanted to add to my arsenal of playing strategies so I could better. After 3 players quickly sevened-out, I bought in for $200, determined to play my dark side strategy.
The Darkside is the "right side" for consistent winning in Craps.. One of my most consistent winning strategies through the years is to bet on the. 1) The best advice I have received about "Don't Pass Betting" is to Flat Bet.
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Systems & Strategies - 100% never lost Craps system Best craps darkside strategy


I play the “don't” side of the game because it is the best option at the. players are really superstitious about their craps strategies and who.
Craps....the darkside "Don't Pass" strategy. 3 years ago. Save. it's just laying odds. I've had numerous dealers tell me Don't Pass is the best bet on the table.
Craps Strategy - Increase Your Chances of Winning at Craps. The betting range. The Five Best Bets in the Game of Craps with Syndicated Gambling Writer John Grochowski.. Darkside players should follow the same principle; one bet only.

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Rules & Strategy – Craps – Casino Player Magazine | Strictly Slots Magazine | Casino Gambling Tips Best craps darkside strategy

The best deal around.. A lay bet is a wager made from the "dark side.. When you use the Super Craps Strategy you will enjoy a high win rate, few losses and ...
Craps....the darkside "Don't Pass" strategy. 3 years ago. Save. it's just laying odds. I've had numerous dealers tell me Don't Pass is the best bet on the table.
Learn more about this popular casino dice game in our Craps FAQ guide, with answers to. Generally, players are all betting together in craps, unless some rogues are playing the dark side... What are Some Good Craps Strategies?

Best craps darkside strategycasinobonus

best craps darkside strategy I have been an active craps player for some 15 years, and after 15 years I've decided that it's a game that while a lot of fun it is also impossible to win.
Yes, I've whooped it up and yelled "hot dog" during hot rolls over what feels like thousands of times -- but despite the hot rolls, the long runs that a shooter has, the magic rolling of the bones, it seems that every casino visit ends the same way -- with losses at the craps table.
And I'm not alone.
You always see the smiles and hear the cheers coming from craps tables.
But did you ever stop to see the players when they leave the craps tables?
I'm sure that most if not all players leave unhappy and poorer.
Part of the problem is that craps is a "negative expectation game" and the players are expected to lose -- whether they are playing the right side or the don't side.
I've seen darkside players get wiped out as frequently as the rest of us rightway players.
And I know there are players article source there -- rightway and wrongway players -- who claim to be winners.
Well, good for them and if you're one of them this does not apply to you.
This is what I'm going to do from now on when I play craps so that I can enjoy the whoopin' and hollerin' and the magical great rolls and the big wins but at the same time I am going to dramatically reduce my "exposure" to the constant run of daily losses.
From now on, I best casino free bonuses going to play craps making only the passline bet at the table minimum and the "Fire Bet" which pays the jackpots if a shooter makes 4 or 5 or all 6 different points.
Until now, I bet the passline with full odds, and placed all of the numbers across.
I pressed my bets after my original bets were paid off.
This is actually a conservative way to play because I avoid some of the most expensive and costly bets including the field, hop bets, hardway bets, horn bets and the other "middle of table" bets.
But even my "conservative" pass line bet with odds and placing the numbers was expensive and had a high cost and put me at a big risk to reward best blackjack games />The reality is that most "shooters" will seven-out after throwing the dice 5 times including the come out roll and the last roll which is the 7-out.
So what's my solution?
I'm going to cut back on my bets.
I have an even more conservative plan: betting just the passline and the Fire Bet.
If I understand what you've been doing, you have turned a modestly negative game into a hugely negative game.
It's no wonder you always lose.
Arc, it's time for you to stop by a craps table and watch to see how the game is played.
After you see how most players not me bet the game you will see that there is only one other way to play the game that offers the player a lower edge than my method -- the come bet with full odds method -- but it requires putting more money at risk and requires that each "number" must hit twice before a payout is made.
Come betting which has the lowest possible house edge also has a smaller chance of winning and puts the player at a greater chance of going bust.
You have to know how the game is played to understand that.
As to your question about approximate EV.
Craps was fully understood years before the very first video poker RNG was made and fitted for a machine.
Do they have craps at your best craps darkside strategy in Minnesota?
Even card craps might be played as they play craps in Vegas but with cards instead of dice.
No craps in Minnesota.
Now, you still didn't answer my question.
What was the EV of your method of play?
What is the EV of your new plan?
What was the EV of your method of play?
What is the EV of your new plan?
Well, Arc, this might surprise you.
If you really want to know what my "expected value" is, please understand that I look at craps play this way: I expect to lose and not win, click to see more />It's a tough game to beat.
In fact, I don't know anyone personally who has really beaten the casinos at craps.
I have never played with anyone at any casino who claims to have beaten the casinos playing craps.
The only people who claim to beat the casinos have either written books, or courses, about craps or are selling them.
So I don't "expect" to win anything.
But if I do it will be a heck of a lot more fun.
You have to understand something else.
Im a small fry when I play craps.
And that was only a fraction of what he dumped at that table over the course of a couple of hours.
By the way Arc, if you ever do get to see casino craps in action you might want to keep an eye out for players who attempt to influence their throw of the dice.
This is what got me interested in playing craps.
The first time I played it was with my sister and brother-in-law who are city slot atlantic odds best machines to the action that the craps game gives.
But because craps is a random game, it doesn't do any damage to try to use a particular setting of the dice, and to use a controlled delivery and roll of the throw, and to use a soft bounce off the back wall.
There is no damage to the game at all trying it, and who knows, maybe you can be the first true Tiger Woods or Sandy Koufax or Michael Jordan of the craps table?
In fact, there are hundreds if not thousands of players who try to influence the dice to beat an otherwise unbeatable game.
Nothing wrong with trying it, is there?
best slot machines to play at a casino all, you use certain skills when you play video poker, so why not try to use what skills you have when you play craps and shoot the dice.
By the way, there are also skills in betting.
But until you've bellied up to a table that's the traditional casino phrase for playing the game we can't discuss skilled betting.
Alan, the fact you expect to lose at craps should not influence a decision to understand the EV of your method of play.
If you can raise your EV from 95% to 99% you'll still lose, but you'll lose a lot less.
That should be enough motivation.
There;s a funny thing about playing craps.
The players who stand to lose the most money, make the bets with the lowest house edge.
At the Riviera, the casino allows a player to make a passline or come bet for as little as ten dollars, and then they can bet "odds" of as much as 1,000 times the value of the flat bet.
Im not sure how little the house edge is with 1,000-times odds.
But with 100x odds the house edge is 0.
Casino Royale on the Strip has 100x odds.
I went there one night to hook up with a member of a craps forum I used to take part in.
Yeah, the math is really the answer to the mysteries of casino gambling -- especially at craps.
I do like the simple math of video poker better.
Example: when dealt 4 to the royal you have a 1 in 47 chance of drawing the royal card.
I can deal with that.
I can't deal with all the talk about "no house advantage bets" that end up costing people thousands of dollars.
I had to make a quick business trip to Vegas Friday and stopped by Caesars for a little craps.
Since this wasn't a "gambling trip" I decided to use my new strategy limiting my betting to a low pass line bet plus the "fire bet.
But when the dice came to me, I decided to bet the place numbers in addition to the fire bet.
I needed the 8.
The fifth point I made was the six, and on the next come out roll the 6 repeated, and a few more numbers and seven-out.
My first point was a four, then the five, then the 9, then the 10 and then the 6.
I tend to throw outside numbers.
Some might think its because I use the "cross sixes" set but I just think it's just my luck.
I only play craps when I've lost at videopoker and I need a boost from being in a rowdy crowd.
But it usually costs me even more.
I don't see anything wrong with Alan's system here because it looks to me like it makes the game more interesting, and since he's expecting to lose then who cares what the "ev" is?
He could also win something unexpectedly big too.
If you've got the cash, have fun!
I just wanted to point out that when placing odds on Pass and Come bets.
If you feel uncomfortable with this there is nothing wrong with taking 2x or 3x odds.
In fact, there is a significant diminishing return of cutting the casino's advantage as you pile on more odds money.
The diminishing returns become much worse beyond 10x odds, so it's worth noting that while it's wise to put odds on the numbers.
Even if you bet 1-thousand times odds the casino is more likely to win every bet you make.
If you understand and accept that the house edge has nothing to do with the house's chance of winning your money then go ahead and bet all the odds money you like.
I'm going to have to give that one some deep thought, Alan, LOL!
I was simply balancing out immediate bankroll risk for a trip vs.
No question about it when the dice are "hot" they're "hot".
This is a serious issue and Ive seen too many players go bust because they are told there is "no house advantage" on the odds bet.
There is also no player advantage on the odds bet.
But in the meantime the house is more likely to win the "flat bet" and with it goes your odds money.
Betting odds don't make you win.
Betting odds only allows you to win more IF you win.
Betting odds don't make you win.
Betting odds only allows you best craps darkside strategy win more IF you win.
Obviously your buddies has a bad run-in with craps variance.
If he was a stickler for truly getting the best odds he would have gotten a minisculely better EV at putting those odds on 'Don't Pass'.
How come he didn't do this?
It would be very hard to have 50 passes in a half hour working against you as a "don't" bettor because of all the time it takes to pay off cheering players, etc.
EDIT - I'm just a casual regular gambler like that 2x odds guy you mentioned, though I could go 5-10x odds.
DOUBLE EDIT - Now I'm getting a hankering to take up craps again, thanks Alan!
Obviously your buddies has a bad run-in with craps variance.
Pass and come bets.
He was an action player, so to speak.
Well that low house edge means zip when they call seven-out.
Well OK, your point is taken, Alan.
You do have to win to win, yes!
One reason I am still ahead of craps is because of some hot best craps darkside strategy I had many years ago at lower stakes pretty young back then.
I had a few rolls lasting 15 minutes, maybe 20?
Maybe we should bring this gal along on our next gambling trip?
I just joined your board.
I love craps too.
I play craps for the fun love the camaraderie but have learned that in order to win, preserve bankroll until the hot roll appears.
BIG wins I've experienced happened during those mysterious heaters and its our ability to recognize them and become aggressive.
Conservative betting during those heaters results in conservative wins, The best crap players recognize the heater and are pressing, parlaying even power pressing.
The "Experts" avoid bets like the hardways but during mysterious heaters, real money is made.
You will not regret it.
I have previously, in other threads, offered my thoughts on the pass line and come bets versus place and buy bets and even put bets.
And I also have discussed that while I am a small level VP player, I play craps at an extremely high level.
But I absolutely agree with Russkg about the fact that you must stay alive until the hot roll comes along, and then you must "kill it".
There are not going to be many rolls, although I have had 4-5 day periods at Caesars when they were hot all day.
The problem, of course, is how to stay alive during all those bad rolls.
One way is to try to avoid random shooters who just whip the dice rather than try any degree of control.
Another, is the 5 count or 6 or 7 or whatever you like where you wait until the shooter throws that many times without crap or a 7 before you get in.
Either way, you have to have some balls and step it up because you have to win big due to long sequences of losses in craps.
My friend and I still laugh about the day we were playing with a pretty low level group of novices and I rolled 18 8's.
I agree with you and regnis about the importance of pressing and increasing your money on the table to take advantage of the hot rolls.
And then I will let the shooter do his stuff.
Once I have my initial outlay back in my rail from wins I will start to press.
Unfortunately, I have been at tables with eight or nine shooters, and no one makes a pass.
Heck, I've been at tables where eight or nine shooters don't even make a number!
So all of the strategy of what you would do and when you would do it are wonderful to discuss, but the reality is you just have to be there at the right time, and get lucky.
On the other hand, I have also been at hot tables when players sit link and continue their minimum pass line bet and do nothing while the shooter rolls number after number and point after point and those who do press make a week's pay or a month's pay in a half hour. best craps darkside strategy best craps darkside strategy best craps darkside strategy best craps darkside strategy best craps darkside strategy best craps darkside strategy

Best CRAPS Strategy - turn $300 into $4000+

Systems & Strategies - 100% never lost Craps system Best craps darkside strategy

Craps Part 3 - Dark Side Playing - Wizard of Odds Best craps darkside strategy

Craps....the darkside "Don't Pass" strategy. 3 years ago. Save. it's just laying odds. I've had numerous dealers tell me Don't Pass is the best bet on the table.
Once the shooter has established a point, the advantage favors those of you that have bet the don't pass. To capitalize on your good fortune of ...
Best Craps Systems. Looking for different. eBook | Craps: Don't Be Intimidated. Some of the strategies listed on this site are submitted to us from our readers.


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