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Blackjack 21: Blackjackist Cheats and Hacks – Aurora Cheats and Hacks Blackjack 21 blackjackist developer console


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Blackjack 21: Blackjackist. Games. Policy Center. search Play Console. Updates & Other Resources Print view Developer Distribution Agreement. Blackjack 21 by AbZorba Games App Review YouTube. Play like a high ...
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starburst-pokieGrowth – The Business of Social Games and Casino Blackjack 21 blackjackist developer console

Blackjack 21 - Blackjack 21 blackjackist developer console

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Blackjack 21 blackjackist developer consolecasinobonus

blackjack 21 blackjackist developer console One issue I see repeatedly with game and gaming companies, and many other industries, is under-indexing their investment in retention versus acquisition and reactivation.
While there is no evil plot free blackjack app neglect retention, it is the most challenging part of the life cycle to determine ROI on investments.
With acquisition marketing, most successful companies have visibility into the CPI or CPA depending on how you look at your UA efforts they are paying and the LTV for those players.
By comparing CPI and LTV, there is a clear ROI.
Companies can then allocate resources to acquisition marketing as long as the ROI is above their needed return on capital.
Also, as you are probably spending thousands or even millions of dollars per month on acquisition, optimizing that spend justifies additional resources analytics, tools, etc.
Reactivation is similarly easy to quantify.
You look at the cost of getting the player back and then how much they are likely to spend once they are back.
Not only is it easy to calculate the ROI on reactivation spend, you can justify the investment because the revenue will be higher than the investment.
The only caveat with reactivation spend is ensuring you are not spending to bring back customers who would return regardless.
Whileit often does not get the same level of love because the ROI is much less obvious.
You are not adding a user and revenue.
You are not bringing back a lost customer.
Retention, however, warrants more investment than every other part of the business combined.
With acquisition marketing, even the best apps and games are lucky to see a 40 percent D1 rate 40 percent of customers who download the app return the next day.
Conversely, virtually every dollar spent on existing players is contributing to your product for days or months.
A contest that encourages people to play more touches all your players and could impact their behavior over their lifetime.
You are not losing 60 percent or 90 percent even before you can do a thorough analysis.
Retention spend can make the cost of acquisition less painful The first subject everyone talks about at conferences and even importantly at the bar during conferences is how expensive it has become to acquire customers.
Yet despite the money and resources spent on acquiring the player, the same effort is not made keeping and delighting the player.
Many marketing teams feel their job is done once the player is in the game or has made a purchase and thus their efforts are focused on acquisition.
The true value to the company, though, is turning those new customers into a loyal player.
Moreover, the cost of getting that player to become a repeat customer is almost certainly not 12 times the acquisition cost, but a fraction of that cost.
Thus the ROI is significantly higher.
Retention is not just about the product At this point, many of my marketing friends are probably saying or thinking that retention is the source of the product team, they have already done their job.
Product and marketing are no longer two distinct functions.
Companies like Facebook and Uber have because their products were also their acquisition channels hence the term growth hackingthus these products were the marketing.
Conversely, product can only live dealer blackjack free players when they are in the product though they can build systems to bring customers back.
Marketing, however, can impact players any time.
The player may not have been in the game a week but you can still impact them visit web page email, text, Facebook, Snapchat, television, blimp, etc.
Retention is largely about triggers, reminding customers to use a product opinion blackjack math worksheet can, and marketing must work with product to ensure customers stay engaged.
A bird in the hand… Optimal investment is not only about maximizing return but also managing risk.
There is much less risk dealing with a known entity an existing player than an unknown.
If you do take more risk, you should only do it if you will have higher return.
A risk-based approach to allocating your resources also suggests that retention is a neglected investment vehicle.
With new user click, the new player is a question mark.
There is little information to base your estimate largely the performance of other players acquired from the same betting blackjack oscars system similar channel.
With an existing player, it is easier to estimate the impact of additional retention marketing.
You have data on what they play, how often they play, what incentives impact behavior, etc.
Based on this data, you can estimate accurately the return one additional marketing dollar will bring.
These estimates will track much closer to actual results than new acquisition, especially with new channels, thus reducing the volatility of your return on marketing spend.
Retailers get it While game companies, and many tech companies, disproportionally emphasize acquisition, retailers have learned over hundreds of years that their marketing budget is better optimized for retention.
Most of the advertising and promotions from retailers are focused on bringing back existing customers, not getting them into the store for the first time.
Sales are designed to optimize repeat purchasers and getting existing customers to spend more, very few are built to bring in new customers.
Amazon Prime is arguably the biggest factor making Amazon one of the most valuable companies in the world.
Prime, however, does not get many people to try Amazon.
Instead it converts existing customers into ones who spend more and are more loyal.
The dynamics of retail are not that different than gaming, it is just that they have learned that there is a higher return in devoting resources to existing customers.
What to do The value of retention marketing does not diminish the importance of acquisition or reactivation but you should design your structure so it is not neglected.
The head of retention should not report to acquisition.
You should not have an EVP or SVP leading acquisition and a Manager leading retention.
On the org chart, they need to be at comparable levels.
Virtually any company is monitoring daily its acquisition spend, CPI or CPA and ROAS.
You need to be both measuring and reviewing regularly the success and growth that your retention team is driving.
Not only should you be running programs, but you need resources to build the campaigns, create the marketing collateral and analytic resources to review and optimize.
Do not skimp on these resources for the quick thrill of acquisition or reactivation.
Start with a basic smell test.
Try to align all your marketing spend with the understanding that retention drives significant value at lower risk.
If you do not focus on retaining players, any success will be short lived.
To become great, your entire company needs to focus on keeping your customers.
Conversely, all dollars spent on retention marketing impact customers over their lifetime in your game.
The key to any successful product, particularly a mobile game, is for your CPI cost per install to be less than your LTV lifetime value of a customer.
As long as it costs less to acquire a new customer than they are worth, you have a healthy business.
Once the cost of acquiring a new customer exceeds the value of that customer, your product or company will languish and eventually die.
The challenge of computing LTV While virtually nobody would argue the logic behind using LTV to drive your marketing, implementing it is not always easy.
Many companies do not have a reliable LTV formula for all of their products or a data scientist or team to create one.
New products also do not have enough data to calculate LTV.
Even when you have a reliable LTV calculation for your product, every cohort of user will have a different LTV.
Players acquired one month will not have the same LTV as those acquired a different month.
Players acquired through one marketing channel will not have the same LTV as players acquired through a different channel.
Same can be said for country, marketing creative, platform and many other factors.
You will also not have enough data early in a campaign to calculate LTV reliably.
However, you do not want to spend on unprofitable campaigns and you want to support good campaigns with more resources.
The answer to measuring campaigns reliably The best proxy for understanding if your CPI blackjack pizza pizza blackjack below your LTV is ROAS return on ad spend.
ROAS measures how much revenue a certain cohort of users generates over the first X days of acquiring those players with X normally measured after 3, 7 and 30 days.
You can be very certain if your 30 day ROAS is performing ahead of target, your acquisition is profitable.
Moreover, I have found that even 3 day ROAS is very indicative of long term profitably.
I have not yet come across a situation where ROAS has indicated a campaign is profitable for it to falter when analyzed after months or years.
I am now very comfortable relying on 3 day and 7 day ROAS metrics to decide whether to continue, increase or decrease spend for a product, source vendor or campaign.
Benchmarks to target Without benchmarks, ROAS numbers would be useless.
You need to know what numbers to target.
As I have been in the social casino space for about five years, I am only comfortable providing social casino benchmarks.
When evaluating a product or campaign, I target a 3 day ROAS of 5 percent, 7 day ROAS of 10 percent and 30 day ROAS of 20 percent.
For other genres, such as hyper-casual where you generate most of your return earlyyour targets would be very different so understand your space before making decisions actually before launching a product.
What to do if you are missing your benchmarks As with all metrics, ROAS provides guidance, not black and white pch tournament />If your ROAS is slightly below the benchmarks, you may not have a problem, it could be noise.
If one agency is outperforming another by 1 or 2 percent, again it may not be indicative, it may be luck one caught an extra VIP.
Conversely, if you are missing even by a little, it could be indicative of a deeper issue.
A small miss also means that you should adjust conservatively until you see your 30 day ROAS numbers.
If performance is significantly behind ROAS benchmarks, then you need to find the cause.
If it is across the board all campaignsthen your product has issues.
You either need to address these issues and improve retention or monetization the key drivers of LTV and return or not invest in the product.
If the performance is worse on a particular platform, you need to dive deeper into your technical performance on that platform versus other platforms and how the user experience CX differs on the underperforming platform.
If the underperformance is with a partner or channel, you should adjust your spend to focus where you have a stronger ROAS.
ROAS return on ad spend based on the first 3, 7 or 30 days of a campaign provides a good proxy for whether the campaign is successful.
Given the parallels with military and sports strategies, we can call this blitzscaling.
These principles are critical if you are building a business that you plan to grow significantly or if you are an investor.
It is also valuable to understand the concept of blitzscaling to understand the tech ecosystem.
The key difference between blitzscaling and traditionally business building is how quickly and large it becomes: blitz from the German WW2 phrase Blitzkrieg lightning warfare and scaling, which means growth.
The principles below show how the Amazons and Googles grew into the biggest companies in the world keep in mind not everyone is going to enjoy success and it is a very risky course.
The principles, however, are important to more info not only if you are trying to blitzscale but also if you are in a market where a competitor is taking this approach.
Proportional growth The first key to blitzscaling is proportional growth.
Not only is blitzscaling focused on very rapid growth but also proportional, and therefore sustainable.
By proportional, Hoffman means that you are expanding across your business, not just one element.
For example, a lemonade stand that increases the quantity of lemonade it has available to sell 100X is not blitzscaling but if it gets more cups as well as lemonade and sets up 100 locations across the city it is.
click here Aggressive and Fast The second key is that you need to be aggressive and fast.
Blitzscaling involves throwing caution to the wind; embracing risk is a defining component.
While a traditional company would grow, secure its position, then grow further, consolidate again, then commit to growing again, etc.
Growth is link only priority, logistics and securing the growth they have achieved are not important.
Profitability is not critical or even relevant.
Blitzscaling companies focus on speed over efficiency.
Blitzscaling is why taxi companies tremble when a peer to peer ridesharing company like Uber rolls into town.
The blitzscaling company does not care about short term profitability, it is focused entirely on growth.
The logic is that first scaler advantage goes to the company that is first to scale up and dominate its business ecosystem.
Once a company scales, it is much more difficult for competitors to then enter the space or raise money to compete.
Traditional competitors might refer to this tactic as dumb money, since the blitzscaler is not focusing on growth, it is a logical strategy for building a dominant, huge player.
Focus on growth factors The next key to blitzscaling is focusing on four growth factors, all blitzscaling companies seek to maximize: network effects, market size, distribution and high gross margins.
Network effects make first mover advantage much more important.
If you look at Facebook or Uber, the network effect creates huge barriers to entry once an entrant has grown very large.
A late entrant cannot come into a space with high network effects because they will not have enough liquidity to compete.
The second growth factor critical to blitzscaling is market size.
Nobody will fund a blitzscaling company in a market where they cannot scale eg.
The third growth factor is distribution.
You may have a great product and large well-defined market but getting it to customers on a massive scale is not trivial.
Distributing a product on such a scale can happen in two ways.
The second way is viral distribution.
You infect one customer, they infect more customers, and so forth and so on.
Gross margins are the final key growth factor.
Gross margins are the money you take in once costs are covered, revenue minus the costs of the actual goods COGs.
Investors want to put money into opportunities where they can enjoy huge returns, and if the margins are high then potential returns are huge at scale.
The importance of gross margin is why tech companies, who enjoy a very high gross margin since the marginal cost of a digital product is often negligible, dominate the list of firms who have blitzscaled.
This is another area that benefits tech companies.
You need to edit code, you do not need to buy new machinery.
Operational scalability, or lack thereof, can facilitate or halt scaling.
As you grow, you need to deliver more of your product.
If you cannot, you are missing out on potential sales and allowing a competitor to fulfil this demand.
While less of an issue for tech and mobile companies, going from having 100,000 daily unique users to 10,000,000 still has crashed many a product.
Sometimes it is impossible to recover from those crashes, as customers have already abandoned your company.
Manage the growth The challenges of scaling are complex — and they become increasingly complex as a company grows.
You need a plan, operational control and a business plan for long term growth.
Growing a business also increases its complexity, which can create issues with management philosophy, organizational hierarchy and company culture.
These questions are especially challenging for a blitzscaling company, since it has to answer them continually and re-evaluate in the midst of rapid, massive growth.
Leverage existing Blitzscaling patterns Companies are much likely to blitzscale successfully if they follow the patterns set by other companies that have already blitzscaled.
For example, consider an extra, purchasable outfit, or skin, for a character in a video game.
Since it only exists virtually, a skin costs practically nothing to make and ko counting blackjack system card />This means gross margins of nearly 100 percent.
Purely digital are a very lucrative line of business for many tech companies, especially in the mobile game industry.
Amazon invested in physical products but created a powerful digital-management system.
If you can establish your product or service as the standard platform for buying and selling products, you stand to capture a large share of total revenue for example, Amazon makes more revenue from commissions and fees on its marketplace than the physical goods it sells as all blackjack game tips sorry retailer.
These are a specific type of platform — platforms that not only bring buyers and sellers together, but also let them set their own prices through the market forces of supply and demand, ie.
These seven patterns represent how the most successful blitzscaling companies built their empires.
Becoming the next blitzscaling company To become the next Amazon and Google, you need an outsized ambition and tolerance for taking big risks in the hope of a big payoff.
The patterns above can help you achieve this ambitious goal.
Embracing uncertainty and risk while prioritizing speed over efficiency, taking advantage of four growth factors and navigating growth limiters can all set a company up for rapid and massive expansion that will be sustainable in the future.
With a clear vision, blitzscaling can help a business dominate an ecosystem.
When you scale at speed, you can capture the market quickly and outmaneuver potentially global competition.
Given the parallels with military and sports strategies, this process is called blitzscaling: lightning scaling.
I have been a consistent advocate of for years and.
Rather than fighting with your competitors to split up the existing pie, by thinking about non-customers you have greater growth potential.
The blog post shows three types of non-customers and by understanding them you can tailor your product, new products or marketing to meet their needs.
Below are the three groups of non-customers and my thoughts on their relevance to the social casino industry.
The Blue Ocean Team uses the as an example, as they appealed to people who reluctantly bought fast food but were looking for an alternative.
The social casino ecosystem includes many of these non-customers.
These include gamers who are ready to skip to another genre hypercasual, match-3, etc if they see an appealing ad or the 90 plus percent of players who will play but not monetize.
There are first-tier noncustomers waiting to be swayed in every industry.
Non-customers who refuse to become customers The second group of is people who know an industry exists but have rejected it.
A second-tier noncustomer will compare your offering with another offering, weighing the pros and cons of each….
The fact that second-tier noncustomers considered your industry means that you are far closer to possibly capturing them than you realize.
So you need to find out why second-tier noncustomers refuse to use the products or services of your industry.
The first is real money casino players either land based or online who have decided to not to play a free to play offering.
They could have passed because they are only playing for economic reasons or the games offered are not what they prefer.
Non-customers who have not considered your industry This category of non-customers has never considered your industry as an option.
These non-customers have not been targeted ever by any company in your industry.
This group is important to consider as it represents the largest potential market to penetrate by definition it is everyone else.
Existing companies in your industry assume these peoples needs are satisfied better by other industries.
In the social casino space, these are people who do not know or care that social slots games exist.
It can be gamblers, gamers other genres or even people who have not played a mobile game.
What non-customers mean for social casino Non-customers are particularly important to social casino as the ecosystem has been growing consistently but through better monetization rather and blackjack strategy rules an increase in customers.
If the industry is going to continue growing or if you want to gain market share, appealing to non-customers is the best option.
First, you can tailor a product appeal to people who play but do not monetize or play rarely.
Second, you can build a product for people who have churned, tried social casino games but left.
Finally, you can build a social casino product for people who the industry has never targeted.
While the successful companies will come up with concepts internally and not rely on this blog to provide the answers, the key will be creating social blackjack online biggest bets products that do not simply replicate the existing games.
That means looking at mechanics other than slots.
Is also means creating an environment that is not targeting 40+ women.
To successfully turn non-customers into customers, the parameters of the products also must shift.
First, you can tailor a product appeal to people who play but do not monetize or play rarely.
Second, you can build a product for people who have churned, tried social casino games but left.
Finally, you can build a social casino product for people who the industry has never read more />While apps and games have traditionally grown by having the acquisition team focus on the funnel, a recent blog post, shows a better strategy is to build growth loops.
Rather than asking your marketing or user acquisition team to optimize user acquisition channels, growth loops has product and acquisition working holistically to build a product that will scale.
The traditional thinking The strategy most game and app developers is create a great product, then optimize.
After creating the product, they focus on optimizing the funnel below testing different channels and strategies to scale.
This is a very KPI driven exercise, with each level of the funnel optimized through experiments and testing.
Helping as many users as possible discover the game.
This can be discovered by visitors in the app store, downloads, article source install, etc.
Once acquiring a user, how many start playing the game or using the app.
This category can be measured by first spin in a casino gameplayers who Facebook Connect, new accounts, completed tutorial, etc.
Retention is the next, and arguably most important, category in the funnel.
In games, this is often measured by how many players come by the next day D1return in a week D7 or are active a month after installing D30.
Other good retention metrics are CURR current rate of returning users or engagement metrics how much time spent in app.
How many of your active players are helping bring new players.
This category can be measured by actual referrals or K-score number between 0-100 that indicates the strength of engagement between your product and your contacts, accounts, opportunities and leads.
The final layer of the funnel is revenue, how well you monetize the players.
This metric is measured by ARPDAU average revenue per daily active userconversion rate how many players spendfrequency of purchases, total lifetime spend, etc.
Successful companies would optimize the above funnel, testing different channels, creative, etc.
The new approach Rather than focusing on the five categories in the growth funnel, Balfour suggests a holistic approach to growth.
As Balfour points out, while the growth funnel has helped many companies scale, it is over eleven years old and the industry has since evolved.
Funnels lead to silos, where the product team has its own domain, growth has its empire while monetization owns its business.
This strategy can lead to failure as the product is not built to optimize the channels where it will be distributed e.
The key is building a product or game where growth is part of the core product loop, not a separate task done by a growth or acquisition or marketing team.
Loops are closed systems where the inputs through some process generates more of an output that can be reinvested in the input.
There are growth loops that serve different value creation including new users, returning users, defensibility, or efficiency.
SurveyMonkey has a growth loop where a user signs up, creates a survey, sends the survey out, when the recipients finish the survey the are served an opportunity to sign up with SurveyMonkey, and those sign-ups restart the loop.
Just as with your financial investments, a critical element of the power of growth loops is that they compound growth.
Rather than the linear approach of the growth funnel, a growth loop continuously adds to create more output and revenue.
The more output that is reinvested by the user or player, the larger the output created from the next cycle.
This compounding is critical as rather than creating a multitude of growth loops, you want to measure and focus on the ones that have the greatest impact.
As growth loops are holistic systems, they are also more defensible click to see more growth funnel.
In a funnel, any element of the funnel can be attacked.
Growth loops, however, integrate product, channel and monetization model specific to your game and thus harder for other companies to copy.
Why loops are better Balfour explains that growth loops change your entire business, largely for the better.
Growth loops force companies to build a system.
Next steps When building your company and designing your games or products, think holistically.
Understand how you will create growth loops that will feed themselves and build a long-term dominant product.
With games, ensure that there are loops in the game that drive the acquisition phase.
Loops are closed systems where the inputs through some process generates more of an output that can be reinvested in the input.
Last year, I discussed that out of the three key components of LTV — monetization, virality and retention — retention was the one most critical apologise, does five card trick beat blackjack seems success.
While people sometimes focus on monetization, its impact on the long-term value of a customer is limited.
Think of a retail store.
Obviously, they would prefer the latter.
Successful businesses, games, apps, have great retention, thus creating high LTVs and allowing for more marketing spend.
While the mathematical case for focusing on retention is incontrovertible, many companies have not perfected how to measure retention effectively.
While this method is an acceptable and sometimes powerful way of tracking how new users are congratulate, blackjack live dealer sodapoppin sorry, even D30 retention only reflects behavior of customers acquired in the last month.
It does not show how well the game or company is retaining its existing customer base.
When I was at Zynga, I came across a metric that perfectly captures how well you are performing with your existing customers, CURR current user return rate.
CURR is complemented by NURR new user return rate and RURR returning user return rate.
Since leaving Zynga, not only have I taken these KPIs with me, I have used them as a key focus for optimizing products.
Areminded me how important these KPIs are and how to best use them.
CURR CURR current user return rate is the most important KPI to track or at least a tie with.
It shows how loyal your existing customers are; you should consider CURR the inverse of churn.
CURR is also an excellent way of looking at how your game is performing among different segments, VIPs versus payers versus never-spenders.
house advantage craps calculate CURR, you start with all the users blackjack 21 blackjackist developer console played the game between t-14 14 days before today, today minus 14 and t-20 and who used the product between t-7 and t-13, what percentage returned to play between t-0 and t-6.
The benchmark for a good, but not great, game is 80 percent.
NURR NURR new user return rate is a great metric for understanding how appealing your game is to players you have just acquired.
A low NURR shows you have a bad initial experience or a bad traffic sourceturning off many users.
It is virtually impossible to acquire players profitably with a low NURR.
To calculate NURR, take all the players who used the game for the first time between t-7 and t-13 and look at what percentage returned to the game between t-0 and t-6.
You can benchmark NURR at about 30 percent, though it is dependent on the type of game and platform.
There is much higher variance in NURR than CURR among successful games a game on desktop could succeed with a much lower NURR than a game on Google Play.
RURR RURR return user return rate shows how many people who had churned and returned to your game stay active.
It is a great way of measuring how well your game can capitalize on CRM and paid reactivation campaigns.
If the number is low, you are doing a great job of bringing players back but the product is still not compelling to these players.
You can calculate RURR by taking all the players who were active at some point but did not use the product between t-14 and t-20, and did use the product between t-7 and t-13, what percentage returned to play the game between t-0 and t-6.
There is also significant variance in this benchmark but I usually target 40 percent for social casino games.
If you see a significant change in CURR, it is almost certainly caused by recent product changes.
Low NURR indicates either you have broken your FTUE or you have added weak sources of traffic.
A low RURR indicates your CRM or reactivation team is doing a good job but you need to add product features to keep the players you are brining back.
It shows whether changes in your product are appealing to or deterring your player base.
When I the one that generated the most conversation was that the convergence between Real Money Gaming and social casino would accelerate.
The underlying driver of this convergence is that both ecosystems are strong and have many learnings to offer.
What social casino can learn from Real Money gaming Content is king Real Money casinos focus on adding more content slots and table games to increase revenue.
While social casino operators also will profess content is king and acknowledge that new games are the strongest driver of KPIs, they do not have the singular focus on adding content that their Real Money counterparts have.
Most social casino companies are happy releasing a new slot every second week and launching with 20-30 click />Conversely, the top Real Money casinos often have over 500 slots and introduce new games much more rapidly.
Given the proven results from launching new content, social casinos should look at much more aggressive content schedules.
To achieve this result, social casinos will need to move from their reliance on exclusive, homemade content.
Real Money operators can launch hundreds of games because they license the slots non-exclusively, thus providing access to thousands of slot machines and table games.
While exclusivity does provide a unique selling point, many of the homemade social slots are not truly unique.
They have common themes and standard math, they are effectively a commodity.
Thus the exclusivity is only a perceived advantage, it has no value to the player.
Rather than recreating the wheel for every machine, social casinos can still create a unique machine every two weeks or four weeks or one week but supplement it with non-exclusive content from the many third-party slot developers.
Cross-sell While most social casino operators are focused on creating a strong slots app and then optimizing acquisition for that app, Real Money operators have a more robust model.
While they still will acquire slots players for their casino products, they have entire verticals that exist largely to acquire players that can be cross-sold into />Virtually all the Real Money Bingo products derive the bulk of their revenue from slots.
While sports betting is a profitable real money vertical on its own, all of the major sports betting companies rely on slots to drive LTV and allow for more aggressive user acquisition.
In the social space, the siloes are much stronger.
Only Kama Games, which uses products like Blackjackist and Roulettist to drive traffic to its poker offering, regularly uses other casino mechanics to acquire players and then cross sell them to its core poker product.
Social game companies need to look more at their ecosystem rather than individual products.
This will allow them to acquire more players at a higher ROI.
New mechanics All successful social casino products are based on mechanics proven in the real money space either land based or online but not all real money gaming mechanics have made it to social casino.
One of the challenges faced by social casino is that the number of players is no longer growing.
While revenue continues to increase, it is driven by better monetization of the player base, rather than expanding the player base.
One of the most obvious ways to appeal to more players is offering more gameplay options.
Social casino companies have tried to replicate Real Money sports betting apps with no success; they have failed for several reasons.
The products are normally very complicated, not lending itself to a new sports betting player.
Sports betting is also very event driven you are only interested when there is a match you want to bet onwhile social games rely on strong daily retention.
Despite these issues, given the overall interest in sports, strength of see more fantasy applications and lack of Real Blackjack 21 blackjackist developer console sports betting in some core markets, a creative game designer can come up with the killer social app for this segment.
Virtual sports is an important but small part of the online real money gaming ecosystem.
Technology, however, has made it much more viable and a great option for social casino companies.
Virtual sports are similar to slot machines in that winning is based on a random number generator with set odds, they just simulate a real sporting event.
Technology, however, has made these simulated games look as good as real sports.
The video below from virtual sports provider Inspired Gaming shows these matches look better than what you would see on a gaming console.
Unlike actual sports betting, virtual sports are always available to the player so you can create an experience players can return to daily.
Live dealer games are the fastest growing mechanic in the real money gaming space.
Companies led by provide games where customers play against a live progressive betting systems blackjack are flawed or host through a video feed.
Just as with virtual sports, technology has made this offering much better than only a few years ago, with smoother and higher quality streaming.
It is the fastest growing segment of real money gaming and virtually when any B2C company reports its financial results, Live Dealer is the highlight or only bright spot.
There are challenges integrating it into social games, bandwidth costs, one-to-one dealer requirements, etc.
New Audience Real Money gaming shows that the addressable market is not limited to 40+ women.
While 73 percent of social casino players are female, 65 percent of real money gamers and 55 percent of real money casino players are men.
With user growth stagnant in social casino, appealing to a male demographic can expand the market for social casino.
Offer driven user acquisition While social casino companies are more sophisticated with their overall digital marketing, Real Money operators are better at using promotional offers to bring in players.
Promotions, such as a free money welcome bonus, spin to win, triple winnings their first day playing, etc.
While the cost in Real Money of these promotions is sometimes challenging, in social casino they are less risky as providers are only gifting virtual currency.
These offers are complicated by AppStore restrictions but this challenge is not insurmountable and more cd blackjack billy offers will improve social game companies user acquisition efforts.
While much of VIP management in social casino is better customer support for spenders, VIP management in Real Money gaming consists of proactively reaching out to your top players and understanding them as a process.
The VIP team can then anticipate problems or opportunities and provide a better experience to the player.
Many real money gaming companies both land based and online refund part of player losses to their best players.
This practice allows players to take more risks and helps overcome periods of bad luck.
While it is a controversial practice, many in the real money space lament the cost is not worth the effort, it is a strong way to increase loyalty of your most active players.
Why are most fights in Las Vegas, answer is so the casinos can give their VIPs front row seats.
Real Money operators will send their top players to great sporting events, sold out concerts, the top restaurants or even a luxury cruise to show their appreciation.
Treating top VIPs similarly to the real money industry will keep them more engaged with social casino offerings.
Not only do Real Money casinos send their VIPs to great events, they create great events.
By creating your own event, you are building something unique that competitors cannot replicate and the player cannot get anywhere else.
Thus, they are less likely to churn as they would not want to lose access to these events, while they can always buy fight or concert tickets.
It is also a great opportunity for your VIP team to build personal relationships with your VIPs, and the personal bond is often stronger than financial benefits of being a VIP.
By replicating these practices, social casinos can reduce VIP churn and improve their lifetime value to the company.
What Real Blackjack 21 blackjackist developer console gaming can learn from social casino Although Real Money casino is a larger business, in many ways it is less sophisticated than social gaming.
For many years, Real Money casino operators could succeed by getting a stable product in front of customers.
Conversely, social casinos continuously had to optimize all facets of their business to continue growing.
This optimization has led to the development of many features and tactics that can benefit Real Money gaming.
Progression Providing progression serves many valuable purposes in games.
First, it gives people a reason to play, they want to keep moving forward.
Even in Real Money gaming, studies have shown over 65 percent do not play to win money, thus progression will appeal to the majority of these customers.
Progression also prevents churn.
The endowment effect also explains that they will also overvalue it.
In addition to reducing churn, progression increases engagement.
Players want to complete as many levels as quickly as possible.
If there are outstanding levels, they will want to reach them as they will want to finish everything open.
Progression also is a strong monetization driver.
Candy Crush is a great example of a game genre that did not monetize but by adding progression King.
Progression prompts players to want to keep playing even when they are out of chips, so thus depositing more, and to play at higher stakes, blackjack 21 blackjackist developer console their bet size.
In the Real Money casino world, where players will often jump between casino offerings to capitalize on the best promotions, progression creates loyal and valuable customers.
Social features Social features are another strong behaviour driver that has largely been perfected by free to play games.
Social interaction is a core value for customers, driving success across many industries.
While many features satisfy base needs, social interaction appeals to a higher need and thus people are willing to pay more for it and less likely go here give it up.
The success of Big Fish Casino, andshows how social features can blackjack 21 blackjackist developer console a unique and very profitable market position.
Outside of the casino space, Clash of Clans is a great example of social features driving billions in revenue.
Some of these features will work better in certain products than others but a mix of these features will not only create bonds with your players but amongst your players.
UIUX Social casino developers provide a much cleaner and smoother user interface UI and user experience UX than real money gaming companies.
Players can quickly start playing and there is virtually no learning curve.
It is easy to navigate in the product, take advantage of offers and understand every offering.
Real Money, conversely, often overwhelms the customer with choice, increasing the cognitive load.
This problem is not 21 blackjack yahoo in the lobby but in the products, betting options are often very complex and confusing.
Overall, social gaming companies create an experience much more consistent with customers expectations in 2019.
In-product VIP Click here Real Money gaming companies are great at hosting and managing their VIPs, social game companies are much better at giving them incentives and rewards in product.
Virtually all social casinos have an in-game VIP system, where the more VIPs play, the more privileges they earn.
This type of automated system provides continuous reinforcement and reminds VIPs why they want to remain in their favourite product.
Events Within the past year, social casinos have become very adept at creating events that boost engagement.
It could be the December Challenge or the Race to the Mountain Top, but in effect it is a collection of challenges and specialized content that is available for a limited time.
Often the player has a chance to win an item s that is only available by completing the event and will not be available again, creating an incentive both to participate and to visit the game regularly so they know about the professional blackjack stanford />These events also break the monotony of playing the same games repeatedly.
Finally, they can provide an incentive to try new slots or mechanics.
The most successful social games are now running at least one event daily and this practice can be replicated in the Real Money world.
A regular schedule of events increase loyalty, engagement and monetization.
One of the challenges successful game developers face is what features to add to the product.
With a successful game, you are not in panic mode but you also must deal with the reality that in a free-to-play product you need to keep players engaged or you will become the next Trivia Crack.
The fundamental issue is adding features that are useful and fun for your existing players, that enhances their enjoyment of your game.
The feature itself retains the player and you do not have to drive players artificially to it from other parts of the game.
For example, if you add Blackjack to your social slots application, it works if players engage with Blackjack and then come back to play it regularly.
You can use the same retention metrics D1, D7, D30 and CURR to assess if a feature is working as you do to look at an app.
To use the Blackjack example, if you integrate it in your lobby players will try it without forcing you to run specific campaigns.
To use the blackjack example, it needs to improve either your overall retention or monetization.
The last point is critical to success.
I used to be at a game company where product managers regularly presented analysis of their features and bragged about the great performance of the feature.
While the features appeared to perform great in a Powerpoint, they actually were costing the company money because they drove lower overall performance.
How to add features that improve LTV While you may infer from the previous sections that you should only integrate features that appeal to everyone, the opportunity is to segment your players and build features to appeal to target segments.
If you limit yourself to only adding features that are accretive to everyone, you have a small pool to pull from.
Given you already have a successful game, by definition your players are already enjoying your product.
While there may be opportunities to add features everyone enjoys, you have a bigger set to choose from if you also identify features that may appeal to a subset of your players.
This is particularly powerful because this feature can appeal to a segment that is likely to churn and keep them engaged or a segment that does not monetize and prompts them to spend.
Conversely, it could only appeal to the ½ of 1 percent that are VIPs but given how much they spend could have a great impact on revenue If you are building a feature that appeals to a specific segment, then you must blackjack 21 blackjackist developer console careful not to violate the third key to creating a successful feature, you do not want it to impact negatively overall KPIs.
The way to achieve this balance is by positioning or displaying the feature only to the target audience.
This can be done as an AB test, where you only surface the feature to specific players.
It can be achieved through targeted CRM in-game banners, push notifications, email, etc.
Surfacing a different UIUX to players who you want to engage with the feature can also accomplish the same goal.
The key is maximizing how much the target audience uses the feature and minimizes how much other players see it.
Using the blackjack example yet again, we can illustrate how it could help a social casino game.
Overall, slots monetizes much better than blackjack.
It is a faster game and many blackjack players will play in a way so they lose very few chips.
If you added blackjack to a successful slots game and promoted it across your player base, you probably would get great engagement as a lot of people love blackjack.
It would, however, drive free blackjack players from your slots to blackjack where they are likely to monetize at a lower rate.
If you were looking at how it would impact overall performance, then, you would say blackjack is a failure.
If, however, the blackjack game was not in the main lobby but embedded deeper in the game and you then drove players who were likely to churn maybe you have a nice machine learning algorithm that can identify these players to blackjack, it would engage some of these players.
They would then come back regularly to play and rather than churn some would monetize.
Thus, you would have a successful feature that helps the overall product.
Add features that help your game Although it sounds obvious, when building your product roadmap you need to dive deeply into each potential feature and identify how it will improve KPIs of a target segment.
Effectively, how will it solve a problem for you or your player user churning, user not spending, etc.
The bigger the problem, the higher the priority.
One of the constant challenges developers face is user acquisition, as costs seem to increase much faster than revenue per user.
This issue is not limited to game developers as more companies see digital and performance marketing as their premium-marketing channel, the competition for eyeballs drives up costs.
It is a constant challenge for everyone in growth or marketing to understand the newest techniques for finding the best and most effective channels.
No longer can any executive run television ads and then hide behind ambiguous results.
The issue is magnified when trying to reach millennials, who spend most of their time free time or not in the digital world.
A recent article in the MIT Sloan Management Review,does a great job of presenting the idea of nano-marketing, one of the most promising new growth mechanics.
Nano-marketing is using micro-influencers to market your product or build your brand.
This approach is evolving into one of the most effective forms of advertising.
Who and what are micro-influencers While we are all familiar with the personalities who have huge social media followings, the Kim Kardashians or Gwyneth Paltrows, the people with smaller followings are proving most effective.
Micro-influencers have between 1,000 and 100,000 followers.
Although their following is relatively small Kim Kardashian has over 100 million followersthey have a category specific following and much more engaged />Micro-influencers also build more personal relationships with their fans, as they can engage with them one-on-one.
They are also frequently considered experts in their fields something you may not say about a Kardashian.
People also often consider micro-influencers more credible.
When LeBron James tweets his support of a shoe, most people assume he is getting paid for that tweet.
Conversely, a micro-influencer who promotes your game will believe he is a fan and give him the benefit of the doubt.
Even if people assume the micro-influencer was paid, they also assume that the personality has a true affinity for the product.
Not only can micro-influencers drive sales, but they can contribute to your brand building.
Sinha and Fung discuss how Coca-Cola leverages micro-influencers to develop compelling brand narratives.
They also discuss how start-ups, such as sock retailerhave used micro-influencers to grow into major brands.
How to leverage micro-influencers Working with micro-influencers is different than working with celebrities or other marketing channels, it also requires a personal approach.
This channel is not the right option to reach millions at once.
Instead, micro-influencers are a great way to amplify a feature that largely appeals to a niche or helps you recruit a specialized segment.
There are millions of micro-influencers, you need to understand exactly who you want to target and the goal s of post blackjack kentucky racing campaign.
Once you have a clear understanding of your target, you can then find the micro-influencers who reach that audience.
Build a long-term relationship with the most appropriate micro-influencers, so they can continuously weave your brand into their stories.
Rather than trying to continue reading a message on the micro-influencers, use their story-telling ability to create a compelling message.
It also helps you approach them with a more personal request, fedex blackjack is more likely to get a positive response.
They know their audience would want to be educated about new offerings, while being entertained at the same time.
Nano marketing is one of the most promising of these channels.
Someone I respect recently posted an article from a news source that I also respect, but the article actually highlighted how data can mislead, either intentionally or not.
An article on the Guardian.
If you stopped reading the article there, and who reads an article until the end these days, you would think Amazon is doing a great job in the video market and Netflix should be very worried.
If you worked at Amazon and get a similar report from your analytics team, you might high-five the head of Amazon Prime in the UK.
If you were at Netflix and got a similar report from your analytics team, you might panic a little and divert resources to the UK.
The problem is that although the data is accurate it is misleading.
The key figure is that Netflix added 1.
Thus Netflix actually extended its lead over Amazon by 300,000 customers in 2017.
Netflix is in 8.
How different would the story have been if the headline was Netflix extends lead by another 300,000.
How different would the reception be at Amazon and Netflix respective headquarters if their analytics team presented data in this way.
The mistake The mistake in this case and I will be generous and assume the Guardian was not click-baiting is comparing growth rates or any other rates while neglecting the size of the relative base.
The latter may be scoring twice as many goals as he did as a rookie while Messi may have been flat or added a few.
Thus the young player is growing his goal scoring 100% while Messi is adding only a link percent to his lifetime numbers.
That does not mean that the second year player is either having as good a season as Messi or closing the gap.
The same happens in the mobile game world.
Your slot game may be growing 100% month on month while Slotomania is growing 10% not real numbersbut because their base is so high they are adding millions in revenue while you are still not profitable.
The key is only comparing trends when you are can blackjack ballroom spam have apples to blackjack headers chevy />Trends mean something if you are looking at two products or companies of comparable size in the same stage of their lifecycle.
Looking at two auto companies who launched an SUV the same year in the same market makes sense, comparing growth rates of two automakers, one who is new and has no dealer network with blackjack 21 blackjackist developer console that has been around 100 years is worthless.
The answer You need to look deeper into the numbers.
Look at the absolute numbers.
Look at the pricing.
Look at the target market.
Look at percent usage in the Amazon case, how engaged are Prime users who may have bought it just to get free shipping versus Netflix users.
The key to using data effectively is look deeply at the data and understand what is driving the results.
You also need to make sure your analytics team does the same.
It is very easy to make conclusions based on obvious trends.
Avoid superficial analysis and, more importantly, superficial conclusions.
This obfuscation shows how data can mislead if you focus on trends but are not comparing comparable companies or products.
The blackjack 21 blackjackist developer console book on customer lifetime value,is now available in both print and Kindle formats on Amazon.
By understanding this metric, you can predict how changes to your product will impact the value of each customer.
You will also learn how to apply this simple yet powerful method of predictive analytics to optimize your marketing and user acquisition.
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