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šŸ¤‘ Craziest wins at the tables - Funny Blackjack success storiesBlackJack Australia


... about most remarkable blackjack wins in the history of casino gambling.. Big Casino Wins - Successful Gambling Stories / Top 10 Remarkable BlackjackĀ ...
Watanabe would stay at the tables for up to 24 hours, sometimes losing as much as $5 million in a single binge. He was allowed to play three blackjack hands simultaneously with a $50,000 limit for each hand. At one point, the casino raised his credit to $17 million, according to court documents.
Professional gamblers tell real-life stories of their biggest wins and losses on blackjack, sports betting, video poker, and online gambling.

Pieces of a Dream: A Story of Gambling

The actor confirms that he was ejected from a casino several months. banned for life from playing blackjack at the Hard Rock casino in Las Vegas.. ā€œThat is a true story,ā€ Affleck confesses when asked by Details about the.
After the worst 4 days of my life I think I am ready to tell my story and. my online poker account, containing Ā£6k of winnings, to play blackjack.
In this month's episode of True Gambling Stories, we take you to the blackjack tables. But this story has a twist. It's about a global corporationĀ ...
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Craziest wins at the tables - Funny Blackjack success storiesBlackJack Australia Blackjack gambling stories


Fortunately, some crazy gambling stories survived, including some truly. to play some blackjack in Las Vegas, they had a cunning plan up their sleeves.
Larry Josephson shares his stories from the blackjack tables.. I just knew it had decent rules and low bet minimums at the 21 tables, and theĀ ...
In this month's episode of True Gambling Stories, we take you to the blackjack tables. But this story has a twist. It's about a global corporationĀ ...

starburst-pokieBlackjack Stories | Everyone who plays blackjack has a story. What's yours? Blackjack gambling stories

Blackjack Stories | Everyone who plays blackjack has a story. What's yours? Blackjack gambling stories

We've been giving you our favorite stories each month in 2017, and now at. gambler who once lost $150,000 in a single hand of blackjack.
The tack complements the gambling den this eatery has been transformed into for one night only. Black-vested dealers hold dominion behindĀ ...
Many people think of gambling as a frivolous entertainment at best, or a corrupting sin at worst.. One of the stories I really liked was about students at MIT, who. It's amazing how many of these strategies, from blackjack, andĀ ...

Blackjack gambling storiescasinobonus

blackjack gambling stories After 16 months of fun and frolic, this will be my final blog entry on this website.
I sincerely appreciate all of you who visited oftenā€¦or even once.
Although, I suspect that some of those were spammersā€”penis pills from Malaysia, really?!
Mindy Sue and others at Smith Publicity promoted the hell outta the book!
I may return to blogging here one day.
Until then, I ask that you play blackjack smartly and have fun doing so.
Everyone who plays blackjack has a story.
Glen Wiggy Welcome to a website dedicated to the only casino game in which a knowledgeable, card-counting player can have an advantage over the house ā€” BLACKJACK!
It is also not an online blackjack casino or simulator like or.
I live in Monument, Colorado, five miles north of Colorado Springs and 10 miles northwest of Black Forest.
I took this photo of the growing Black Forest fire a couple days ago on my way home from work: Over 30,000 people have evacuated the 55-square-mile affected area around the fire.
Our house is not in the mandatory evacuation zone, but it may be soon.
We have the important things packed and ready to go, including Newman and his dog bowl.
In a wonderfully sweet gesture, Lori packed my collection of 500+ casino chips!
Hardly a youngster needing advice.
Besides having terrible posture, I remember that the son was also a horrible blackjack player.
Do you only double-down when the dealer shows a five or six?
If so, you are being bullied by the dealer.
Stand up for yourself.
Double-down when you are supposed to double-down.
It is OK to have a drink or two, as long as your driving or card-playing abilities are not impaired.
Over-indulging can lead to loss of life or limb on the road.
Drinking too much at the casino can lead to loss of cash plus credit card advance fees.
There are obviously many times when a drunk-driver makes it home safely.
Likewise, there are many occasions when you see drunken blackjack players betting crazy, defying basic strategy, and walking away big winners.
Keep in mind that both groups of idiots will suffer the adverse consequences of their actions eventually.
I had a heckuva hard time doing this in the early days of my blackjack career.
I almost always made some sort of comment to the offending player, the dealer, or to myself.
It took me awhile to hold my tongue.
Now, I never give playing advice unless asked.
If the other player asks me nicely, I will respond with the correct way to play according to basic strategy or, sometimes, the index play.
My advice is that you should stay.
Then I have no problem with this wisdom being associated with actions at the casino.
Does this advice mean that I should point out when the dealer overpays me or pays me on a losing hand?
Then I have a problem with it.
Then you are a cheater.
Welcome to the club!
If you play blackjack without being an advantage player, or if you indulge in any other casino game where the house has an edgeā€”meaning all of themā€”this advice is practical.
However, as all us card-counters will attest, what we do is not gambling.
That would be socially accepatble if I were one hundred years old, but the fact is that I am forty-seven.
Throughout the years, being a smartass has cost me plenty in immaterial ways.
While attending second grade at a Catholic elementary school, I received several smacks on the hand by one of many crazy nuns, most notably for putting Alka Seltzer tablets in the holy water basins.
In junior high and high school, being a smartass cost me considerably when pursuing the affections of young ladies.
I had made many jokes and cracks at their expense.
I thought I was charming and witty like a young Jim Halpert, when in fact, I was mean and obnoxious like a Dwight Schrute.
I sincerely apologize to every girl that I offended from 1978 to 1984ā€”that would be all of them.
I still made smartass remarks from time to time to supervisors.
Plus, most of my family and friends are smartasses themselves, albeit in a tamer manner than me.
Being a wiseguy is a conscious choice.
The fun associated with being a smartass has always outweighed the cost.
While playing blackjack at a here in Colorado, I held a hand of A-3 against the dealers eight.
Basic strategy called for me to hit, which I did by dragging the cards over the felt toward my body.
The dealer gave me a ten, face up on the table.
Using basic strategy again, I motioned for another hit.
It was a face card.
I busted and lost.
Here is where my brain and mouth shifted into smartass gear.
In an attempt to be funny, I motioned for a third hit, thinking there was no way that the dealer would give me another card.
I had two cards in my hand, plus twenty that was already showing in front of my hand.
The sleepy dealer gave me another face card.
The dealer took the face card and tucked it away in the discard pile.
The story takes a dark turn at this point.
I was sitting on third base with only one other player at the table.
The dealer continued the game by showing a four underneath his eight.
The next card was another eight.
The dealer totaled twenty.
The man sitting to my right had a nineteen.
This man, who resembled a well-fed and well-connected mafia boss, was not pleased.
The look came seconds before the guy cold-cocked my face, sending me to the floor with a black eye, because I had made a drunken, smartass comment.
Meanwhile, my friends did nothing to help or protect me against the guy who cold-cocked me because they knew I had probably just made a drunken, smartass comment to the guy who had every right to cold-cock me for it seconds later.
Something was gonna happen.
The pit boss said that the card must be burned since it was uncovered in play.
The cards could not be backed up.
I also quickly apologized with a beet-red face.
The man sat down and gave me a sarcastic little smile, obviously still miffed, but satisfied at the turn of events.
The incident was over.
Do you think that was the end of my smartassedness?
He just WATCHED me swim and emerge from the pool wearing waterproof headphones and the iPod adapter strapped to my arm.
My entire body was dripping wet.
Whatever the cost, being a smartass is way better than being a dumbass.
While I am not a professional book reviewer, I feel compelled to write a few words on behalf of the man who has helped earn me money at the blackjack table.
Arnold Snyder has written books on blackjack strategy, gambling in general, and Las Vegas lifestyle for decades.
Without knowing anything about the two main characters in the bookā€”a gambling biker and an underage stripperā€”you might think that the contents of this book are immoral and salacious.
Arnold vividly describes the dark thoughts and desires of Bart Black, as he travels the open road searching for answers about his social and sexual insecurities blackjack gambling stories where to find blackjack dealers who show their hole card most often.
Helping Bart along the way I think is Stacy, a desirable and poetic young woman who thinks she is a human manifestation of God, if not actually God.
Thompsonā€”Snyder has obviously lived part of the life of Bart Black.
The story was colorful, exciting, painful and thought-provoking.
I highly recommend the book to gamblers and non-gamblers alike.
Those of you who read my book know it chronicles 864 of my casino visits during the period from January 2001 to June 2008.
Last weekend, I experienced the 1000th visit during a trip to Las Vegas.
I plan to write a complete review in the next week.
Finally, I was seated next to a four-year old boy.
I checked out of the hotel instantly.
No free stay is worth that nonsense.
HIGH: My favorite hotel, which still has a great double-deck BJ game, and which I have never been given a second look while card-counting, was able to accommodate me on short notice for a free stay.
I will not divulge its location for selfish reasons.
LOW: In less than an hour of playing blackjack, I had experienced a horrible losing streak.
I began by losing approximately 18 out of 20 hands.
The host, Howard Schwartz, and the Sound Engineer, Bill Coveney, spent an hour before the interview and an hour afterwards showing me books and telling stories about some of the click the following article guest authors who occupied the same chair as me: high-stakes gamblers, Mafia kingpins, FBI agents, felons, con artists, and Sin City celebrities.
It was truly an honor and a privilege for me to be there.
In addition to discussing blackjack and my book in the interview, I did my best or worst?
I also defended my devious behavior in and around the casino.
Finally, I may or may not have divulged a government top secret.
The full interview can be heard at the following link: LOW: That night, for the first and last time in my life, I made a bet on pro basketball because my son is blackjack gambling stories huge Denver Nuggets fan.
HIGH: As a big fan of the Blue Man Group, I was tickled pink to see their new show at the Monte Carlo.
About 80% of their bits are new, and the sound and light show was like experiencing Laser Floyd.
During the finale, all the children in the audience plus a forty-seven-year-old man screamed and gasped with joy.
LOW: Outside the Blue Man Group theater, I noticed an 8-deck blackjack game near a catwalk stage where a scantily-clad woman performed.
The game paid 6-to-5 on a blackjack.
I repeatā€¦an 8-deck game in Vegas that pays 6-to-5!
Who cares if lotsa skin was visible nearby?
I asked the pit boss and the dealer if they had trouble sleeping at night.
I played there for 26 minutes with moderate success.
LOW: The reason I played there for only 26 minutes was due to the pit boss asking me to leave blackjack gambling stories game for card-counting.
Too good to be true.
Those of you who live in Vegas or the Western part of the United States should never take for granted the cheeseburgery goodness you have blackjack gambling stories your fingertipsā€¦literally.
LOW: At the pool, I lap for an hour before realizing that my back was sun burnt to a crisp.
I always knew that the sun affected you even in the water, but one hour in April?
To even the redness, I had to backstroke awhile.
I hate the backstroke.
LOW: Playing blackjack next to a guy who stacked his chips in stacks of six.
Almost every other player in the world makes stacks of five or ten.
After a couple hours of watching this guy, my OCD tendencies were kicking onto overdrive.
Why does he stack chips like that?!
HIGH: Leaving Las Vegas a winner, albeit with a slight sunburn.
LOW: Two days later at my home in Colorado, it snowed six inches.
When is my next trip to the desert?
The above story details how a winning run check this out the blackjack table helped save FedEX from financial ruin in its early days.
Because of my favorite card game, now I can send lobster or prunes to someone overnight.
Rizal, a communications satellite, a giant snowball picked up in Wisconsin and delivered to a child in Memphis, and a four-ton high press water drill and 5,700 pounds of equipment to rescue 18-month-old Jessica McClure from a well in 1987.
The next time you use Fedex, think of blackjack.
Did you ever wonder how many movies feature the game of blackjack?
The following article mentions a handful: Now that my book has sold blackjack trees oklahoma between 7 and 1000 copies, it is only natural that I speculate who would portray me in the movie adaptation of the book.
Those of you who know me realize that Suraj Sharma the actor who recently starred in Life of Pi is out.
Also, Denzel Washington is outā€”not because of his looks, but because his agent said that Denzel was unavailable.
That might work, but he would have to be funnier.
That would workā€¦Morena has already done nude scenes that would be made prevalent in the screen adaptation of 1536 Free Waters.
My daughter, Sarah, can be portrayed by Princess Kate, since they are both princesses, and my son, Agree tecnicas de conteo blackjack certainly, would obviously be played by Ricky Rubio from the Minnesota Timberwolves.
My father would play himself, since nobody else could pass for Tom Wielgoleski.
Finally, Todd Crites would be played by Chief Wiggum from The Simpsons.
Many of the stories in my book feature dealing blackjack blackjack dealers and female waitresses.
That one is easyā€¦Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, but only in blackjack cost buy they promise to get along on the set.
They attract too much paparazzi.
Last but not least, it is essential to the success of the movie that my dog Newman, be portrayed by Newman.
Now all we need is a script.
Either way, I like it when my words fire up passion in others.
I was very wrong.
Unfortunately, I thought the story was unbelievable.
In fact, I almost retold the story in my book, but decided against it at the last minute because I thought it was too much of a bullshit story.
Since there are surveillance cameras everywhere, the rule usually results in the employee turning in loose chips or bucks to Lost and Found.
Otherwise, they risk losing their job.
The player also told me that he would never risk trying the trick more than once at the same place.
Makes sense, but still unbelievable, right?
Last month, I experienced the unbelievable.
While walking to the bathroom at a casino in a state that shall remain nameless for my own protection, I witnessed a female custodian picking up a bill about ten feet from a snack bar that see more coffee and pastries.
How much is it?
While in the bathroom, I thought to check Lost and Found later for the ten-dollar bill.
Perhaps the custodian would turn in the money.
I returned to playing blackjack for about thirty minutes.
I figured I better wait awhile, or else the custodian may not have gone there yet.
Or worse, she might be there when I asked about it againā€¦that would REALLY be embarrassing.
Then I had another thought: does this place even have a Lost and Found?
I asked the dealer.
There was nobody there.
I went back to playing blackjack.
While cashing out chips a couple hours later, I noticed that a guard was now manning the post.
Is this Lost and Found?
Or, I expected him to look at me and start cracking up because I had asked such a fool question!
He returned a few minutes later with a small slip of white paper.
Take this to the cashier.
Did I break a law?
Will I get arrested click here blackjack gambling stories out the next time I visit that casino?
Now for the bigger questionā€¦will I begin asking Lost and Founds in other casinos for lost stuff out of the blue in the future?
Has anything like this ever happened to anyone else?
One of the three cheaters in the below stories was smarter than the other two.
Can you guess which one?
I recently returned from a 3-day trip to Wendover, Nevada.
I can say with utmost certainty that it will be my last trip there to gamble.
I saw too many things that caused me agita.
Nominee: The blackjack players who religiously play the Royal Match side bet.
The probably of getting a suited king and queen is approximately 1 in consider, blackjack table limits atlantic city something />The odds of getting any suited pair are slightly less than 1 in apologise, blackjack hands 5 cards charlie can />What a greedy proposition for the Greedy Trinity!
Yet, players flock to the side bet like it was a Krispy Kreme doughnut.
He looked at me like he was Albert Einstein.
I looked at him like he was an Einstein bagel.
Nominee: The person or persons in Greedy Trinity senior management who decided to change their single-deck blackjack rules so that a player can only double down on a ten or eleven.
From what I understand, the other two casinos in Wendover followed suit thereafter.
Before the change, Wendover was known as the Blackjack Mecca in the US for card-counters.
Now it is a wasteland inside the casinos more than it ever was outside the casinos.
Nominee: The click the following article boss in one of the Greedy Trinity casinos who was smoking and checking his iPhone while in the pit.
I gave this guy a nickname: Turd Ferguson.
Nominee: A different pit boss who chastised me for cursing.
I stayed with two pat hands.
The dealer uncovered a face card then drew a 5 for a 21.
The pit boss raced over to our table and informed me in a teacher-like tone that I was not allowed to curse in the casino.
Here he was, taking a rusty knife on behalf of his corporate masters and using it to carve out all humility and money from the average player, and I was was being lectured for exercising much needed freedom of speech.
Nominee: The Greedy Trinity marketing staff who creates their promotional posters and flyers.
All of them feature pretty white people laughing at the tables with stacks of black and green chips in front of them on the table games.
Nominee: The Greedy Trinity pit bosses and floor managers who constantly manage the blackjack tables so that they are occupied by at least three or four players.
On this most recent trip, I had better luck playing with myself in the hotel room.
With all these great nominees, it is hard to select a winner.
However, I have determined a clear cut winner with extreme prejudice and confidence.
Envelope pleaseā€¦the biggest idiot in Wendover last week was me!
Wendover Will the giant neon cowboy who greets visitors on the west side of town may be the biggest icon in Wendover, but for a brief few days last week, I was the biggest idiot in town.
Because I went to Wendover more info knowing that the ludicrous ten and eleven double-down only rule had been instituted by the Greedy Trinity on all their single-deck table games almost six months previously.
I knew about the goofy Royal Match players, and the almost-always full tablesā€¦I used workarounds for those obstacles on many previous trips to Wendover.
There is no work-around for the new crappy rules.
I was the biggest idiot in Wendover for going there in the first place.
I am the biggest idiot for not paying closer attention to online blackjack blogs.
I accept this award on behalf of all advantage players.
Pretty soon, there will no blackjack games for us to take advantage.
Here are two current events that impact blackjack players in different ways: If I had to sit at the table with the blackjack dealing robot, I would eventually jump to his side and tear off those hamster-wheel hand thingies!
I hate slow dealers.
This mechanical pile of plastic and wires would drive me nuts.
On a more pleasing note, congratulations to the state of Maryland for approving live blackjack at some of their gaming halls.
If any government civilians at the Pentagon want to give it a shot, they can take their reduced paycheck to the Maryland casinos in order to win back the 20% taken from sequestration.
Mitch was part stoner, part country bumpkin, part chill, and part illiterateā€¦but all comedic genius.
Here is a sample of sorry, blackjack two player removed stand-up routine, starting with an observation about your favoritie pasttime and mine, gambling: Did you see the Super Bowl commercial by Volkswagen where the cheerful, white guy from Minnesota was talking to everyone in the office with a Jamaican accent?
If not, feast your eyes on the following: I loved the commercial, but a few media outlets and tweeters questioned the content as racist.
The first editor of my book thought all the characters in the story were somewhat racist.
I thought she was somewhat screwed in the head.
I love all the characters.
If you are able to go through this maze of instructions and actually read the article, let me know if you have any racial comments or concerns.
By the way, be sure to also check out the magazine cover and table of contents.
I got my first call-out on a magazine cover!
I found the following stories around the globe: Key question: What is a lucky punter in Scotland?
Key question: Will the most popular chips at the Russian casino be red?
Key question: How far did you get into this story before realizing it had nothing to do with the card game blackjack?
A reviewer recently commented on the Preface of my book where I describe a long list of strange and unusual patrons who might be spotted in a typical casino.
The book reviewer told me that he had experienced the opposite phenomena throughout the years at the casinoā€”to him, the patrons always seemed to be the same, ordinary looking people day in and day out.
What do you think?
Does the normal casino look like a public library, or does it resemble a zoo exhibit?
Before you answer, I offer photographic proof to support my claim: The gentleman in the photos was playing blackjack at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas on Saturday, January 19th, 2013.
Before commenting on his atypical attire, I must first let you know that the Adult Video News AVN Awards were being hosted by the Hard Rock the same weekend that my son and I visited there.
He was a distinguished looking man, approximately seventy years old.
From the waist up, he looked like an older Ozzie Nelson or Mister Rogers complete with long-sleeved, button-up sweater.
Or maybe they would love just that!
After all, it was the weekend that the porn Oscars were being awarded.
By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.
To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here:. blackjack gambling stories blackjack gambling stories blackjack gambling stories blackjack gambling stories blackjack gambling stories blackjack gambling stories

$100,000 GONE! šŸ˜¢My Biggest Loss in 10 Minutes šŸ˜¢

Ben Affleck Explains Why He Was Banned From Blackjack, Talks Gambling Addiction Rumors | Entertainment Tonight Blackjack gambling stories

ERROR: Forbidden Blackjack gambling stories

John Grochowski takes you into the world of blackjack players.
Don Johnson won nearly $6 million playing blackjack in one night,. At the height of his 12-hour blitz of the Tropicana casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey.. For most people, though, the newspaper headline told a happy story.
The Best Gambling Stories ā€“ Money Won is Twice as Sweet as Money. Aspinall had to shut down because of Packer's success in blackjack!


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