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When players have a losing session at blackjack, they are quick to put the blame on. Don't tell me bad players don't affect whether or not I win or lose.. The Truth: When players' fortunes turn from good to bad, they need a scapegoat to ...
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How to Play Blackjack by a Las Vegas Dealer

Fortune teller card game blackjack Games in casino singapore Salsa casino 72. 21 blackjack streaming youtube Review, intensive, report bringing and sought ...
Blackjack. Blackjack Best Friend Tattoos, Cousin Tattoos, Fortune Telling Cards, Metal Clay Jewelry,. Visit. Discover ideas about Best Friend Tattoos. Best friend ...
But in the 1990s the MIT Blackjack Team proved the punter didn't have to be the loser.. postponing his entrance to Harvard to make his fortune at gambling. "Oh my God, this is ridiculous! What am I going to tell my friends?
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About video blackjack, that may be the way of the future.. In the game of blackjack, can you tell me if people entering and leaving the game changes your odds ...
Learn more about the jargon used in Blackjack through our Blackjack Terms page.. Tell Play: The phrase 'tell play' is characterized as the act of observing the ...
Under faux-bamboo canopies, 80 blackjack tables hum like hives.... But I've long since disabused myself of the notion that I could win a fortune at the game.. This tells the boss a couple of things: Carlson's a high roller, and ...

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aim for a casino game called Fortune Teller Blackjack that all in all can not only play blackjack but they can also accomplish side-bets on the.
Durante la presidencia de Paco Roig se incorporaron novedades como el dragons den fortune teller blackjack del valenciano a trav233;s de la megafon237;a ...

Fortune telling blackjackcasinobonus

fortune telling blackjack Are there any casinos in Vegas besides Mandalay Bay where the dealer stands on a soft 17?
I ran a shoe of Spanish 21 at MGM.
I don't see any advantage with the tens missing.
Especially on double downs.
As far as I know, the vast majority of shoe games in Vegas stand on soft 17.
Usually the dealer will hit a soft 17 in single-deck games and double deck can go either way.
I try to explain why card counting words in my page on.
The dealer has the advantage because the player has to go first.
If both of you bust it isn't a tie, but YOU lose.
What is the minimum blackjack bet at most online casinos?
Are there a time limits in which to make your decisions at the blackjack tables?
If so, what are they?
The minimum varies from place to place.
If you are playing by yourself, then you can take a long time.
I've had phone just click for source in middle of a hand, came back 15 minutes later and resumed the hand without having been logged out.
You will get logged out for inactivity eventually but it takes quite a while.
However, if you are playing at a group table there is a time limit per decision of about 30 seconds.
At the Sands of the Caribbean you can see your clock ticking down.
As a first time gambler in Vegas, I've been told to play craps and Caribbean Stud.
How much money should I prepare to take to a sitting of each to try to stay in the game long enough to see results?
If you play long enough, the only results you will see is that you will lose all your money.
Don't bring to the table more money than you care to lose in that sitting.
Second, has a house edge of 5.
The best table games are craps and blackjack, when played properly.
Why are basic strategy blackjack fortune telling blackjack setup with the apparent theory that the dealer has a "10" card in the hole.
When in reality I believe that the odds are 9-4 against a "10" card being anywhere.
Am I missing something?
Your website is very interesting.
Assuming that the dealer has a 10 in the hole is just a memory device, it has nothing to do with the way the basic strategy was constructed.
I can't stand in when I hear one player telling another, "You always assume the dealer has a ten in the hole.
Across the various blackjack strategies you provide on your site, does the standard deviation change much?
I would guess that when DAS is allowed, one's results are more variable, but how much?
Is there a good reference book that provides variance figures for various basic blackjack strategies?
Unfortunately I don't have exact standard deviation figures according to specific sets of rules.
The on my site is based on liberal Vegas Strip rules.
I agree that the double after split rule increases the standard deviation.
Surrender would decrease it.
Sorry I am not of more help than that.
I would love to see the actual numbers on this if it is possible.
Great site by the way.
I love gambling, and your site is one of the best Fortune telling blackjack have seen on the web.
Actually has real proven info.
Thanks for your kind words.
Unfortunately I do not have any such proof at hand.
If I did set about proving it myself I would use a computer simulation.
Can it actually be true that what I experience has a statistical base?
It seems to me that it takes a lot longer to win X number of chips that to lose the same fortune telling blackjack I only play blackjack.
For example, if I start with 300 chips, it might take hours to double my money my goalyet I can lost that number in what seems like almost no time at all.
Can this really be true?
Also, do you have a rule of thumb about when to leave the table when you are winning?
What you have experienced is likely the result of some very bad losing streaks.
It may also be the result of progressive betting or mistakes in strategy.
The basic strategy flat bettor should have a roughly symmetrical expectation in terms of steep ups and downs, slightly favoring steep downs due to the house edge and a 48% chance of a losing hand compared to 43% chance of winning.
If I'm playing for fun then I leave the table when I'm not having fun any longer.
I find that to be unbelievable, besides I found that computer fortune telling blackjack are definitely not the same as live world action.
Also why don't casinos introduce video blackjack to thwart the card counters and get rid of dealers?
I have said numerous times that there is no long-term way to beat a game with a house edge.
The results always approach the house edge in the long-term.
It is not just computer simulations that back this up but the fundamental laws of probability.
About video blackjack, that may be the way of the future.
I have seen fully electronic tables with video display at the World Gaming Expo.
I have also seen tables that with cameras can track every bet and every play each player makes.
This enables the house to accurately comp players and alert them to card counters.
These tables look and feel like any other blackjack table, so you card counters may be out of business if these tables are successful.
The Claridge is the best.
As far as I know, they are the only Atlantic City casino to offer late surrender, which lowers the house edge from 0.
I know that you have the casino advantage for blackjack listed on your web site in the case that a person plays the basic strategy, but I was wondering what the casino advantage was on average against a typical beginner.
Also, can you formulate what the best advantage a casino could have over the worst of players, assuming that they would never hit anything higher than a hard sixteen?
According to Extra Stuff by Peter Griffin the cost due to player mistakes of the average player is 1.
This is above whatever the house edge is assuming proper basic strategy.
It also varies by place, Atlantic City players are better than Las Vegas players, for example.
Your other question about bad strategies was such a good one I added information to my blackjack section about it.
See my remarks on.
First of all, I think your web site is great and want to thank you for all this great, solid information.
My question is this: blackjack tables have a maximum bet limit that more than increases when you move up from the five dollar table to the ten etc.
I suppose this is to discourage larger stakes gamblers from playing at lower stakes tables but how do they calculate these limits?
I notice that they are different at different casinos.
Also, on your chart of the house edge, it would be great to see a comparison of house edge for a blackjack player using Basic Strategy vs.
Thanks again for the great work.
Casinos generally try to keep the maximum bet about 200 to 500 times the minimum bet.
The answer seems to be that casinos like to corral their big bettors into certain areas.
Such high-limit areas tend to have the best staff and surveillance.
Limiting the ratio of maximum to minimum bet is also a defense against cheating and advantage play.
The advantage of card counting depends on how good and aggressive the card counter is.
Other than myI leave that topic to other gambling writers.
In the game of blackjack, can you tell me if people entering and leaving the game changes your odds of winning or losing?
It seems to have an effect when I am playing.
No, other players entering and leaving will have no long term effect on your odds.
This may seem to be true but I suspect you are more likely to remember when entrances and departures hurt you than the times they helped you.
In the long run the cards are the cards and all other factors cancel each other out.
I enjoy both Caribbean Stud and Blackjack.
The element of risk for Stud is 2.
Since the number of hands dealt per hour is many more for Blackjack versus Stud, does that mean that I will lose the same amount of my bankroll if the ratio of hands dealt per hour is 6.
My section on the shows the blackjack house edge to be 0.
The expected loss for 6.
So given these two options you will lose less in Caribbean Stud Poker.
The ratio of the house edge of Caribbean Stud Poker to blackjack is about 12.
My question is about table maximum bets in BJ.
Can I double down, or have I already reached the limit?
Can I split them, turning one hand into two hands?
Yes, you could double or split in those situations.
The maximum applies to the initial bet.
My friend and I have a side bet going on.
I said to him that I think that blackjack has the best odds in a casino, he said to me that he thinks poker has the best odds.
In a casino, what game do you have the best odds in winning, blackjack or poker?
Although they are hard to compare I say blackjack is the better bet.
It is easy to be a good blackjack player by learning the basic strategy.
It is difficult to be a good poker player.
Casino poker rooms are often full of very good players manage kami lis blackjack not waiting for an inexperienced player to fleece.
However some people may be naturally gifted at poker, so take my answer with a grain of salt.
In early surrender you can surrender before the dealer checks for blackjack.
With late surrender you only have the option after the dealer checks for blackjack.
Early surrender is much better because you can still save half your bet when the dealer does have blackjack.
As far as I know no casino on the land or Internet currently offers early surrender.
Dear Wizard, Just a quick schecter blackjack sls c 8 review, why does the house edge change for an insurance bet in blackjack depending on the number of decks used?
Because we already know an ace has been removed for the shoe.
That leaves the rest of the shoe slightly ten heavy.
A greater the ratio of tens in the shoe click more likely the insurance bet is to win.
The fewer the decks the greater this effect is.
Most players tend to believe the actions of a casino are directed against them when the usual reason is simply the staff are following company procedures.
What game would you recommend to maximize the life of my bankroll and chances for a winning session?
Considering both odds of winning and bankroll preservation I think the choice comes down to blackjack which favors winning pai gow poker which favors bankroll preservation.
I play occasionally with a group of players who love poker but occasionally want to play BJ to vary the evenings proceedings.
Most of them would be beginners in terms of strategy and probability awareness.
What would be a fair set of rules you would recommend so that BJ becomes a fair game or as close as possible for both players and whoever takes the bank?
It would depend on the specific skill factor of the players.
Without knowing that, but assuming the skill level is equal among players, I would have the bank option rotate from player to player.
I realize that decisions per hour in games like blackjack and craps can depend heavily on factors like the number of other players at the table, the hand shuffle vs.
Still, I was curious if you could give me a rough approximation of how many decisions per hour an individual can expect at a mostly-full craps table and a blackjack table with both a hand shuffle and machine shuffle.
This would help me 8 chatroulette my expected loss per hour and weigh it against the comps I am being offered.
The source of the tables is by Jim Kilby.
Players Rolls per hour 1 249 3 216 5 144 7 135 9 123 11 102 In craps 29.
Assuming you lost exactly that amount per hand it would take 322,580 hands.
To make an educated guess I would say about 300,000 hands.
At 60 hands per hour this would be 5000 hours, or two and a half years of full-time play.
Great site keep up the excellent work.
If i bet 10 dollars I would like my original 10 back plus the 10 I bet.
I belives the craps pass line would be the best bet to do this.
I dont mind going down a little money if I have to, but I would expect to get positive at least the amount of my original bet sometime before the end of the shoe or game.
Is craps the answer.
Thanks for your time and effort.
If your goal is to win just one unit I agree craps is the best place to start.
However if you lose your first bet I would switch to blackjack.
Only when exactly where you started would I go back to craps.
I have a combination of a dear abby and an odds question.
He insists that that "bad" player is hurting his odds.
I told him that mathematically, his odds are the exact same whether he plays at a table of people who never hit, a table of people who never stay, or a table of people playing perfect basic strategy.
Should I even continue to try?
Your coworker sounds hopeless.
As I have said before, the more ridiculous a notion is the more tenaciously it tends to be held.
I had a blackjack and the dealer paid me.
Then at the end of the deal he turned his cards over and he discovered he had a blackjack.
He forgot to check his hand before paying me.
The supervisors wanted me to return the winnings.
Seems I remember these scenario from a book on blackjack.
I say 21 blackjack jugar gratis should have returned the winnings.
I have never seen this addressed in any book.
However, is a book really required?
That is what you have a conscience for.
You were asked to make things right, it is the right thing to do so.
I just ran across your detailed list of Las Vegas Blackjack tables and their edges, so I was wondering: Suppose that there two BJ tables, one with an edge of 0.
Is there any advantage to choose one table over the other?
To answer this question you first have to ask yourself why you please click for source gambling in the first place.
My friends and I are planning a weekend trip to Las Vegas.
I was curious what games you thought I should play?
Thanks so much, your web site is fantastic.
Thanks for the kind words.
The clayton homes blackjack model games where you can get the house edge under 0.
Of the three I would recommend blackjack.
The house edge on insurance is 7.
However, this is applied to half a bet size.
So the house edge would go up by 0.
I believe it does because the deeper you get into the shoe, the greater the absolute value of the count will tend to get, which should trigger count-based strategy changes.
In a non-cut-card game, the house advantage is always the same for the non-counter.
Clumps of high or low cards are just as likely to appear at the beginning of the shoe, as the middle, as the end.
You seem to be suggesting that the cards are more clumpy at the end of the deck.
However, if that were true, then the odds would change if the dealer dealt the cards in reverse order.
Surely that is a ridiculous notion.
If the count were high, standing would be the right play, resulting in what would look like an error to a counter who was watching.
However, if the count were negative then hitting would be all the better.
In the end, it averages out, for the basic strategy player.
For reasons I explain in mythe basic strategy player fortune telling blackjack prefer a game with a continuous shuffler, if his goal is to minimize the house edge.
Aside from that, the house edge is not affected by penetration.
I should add that with a shallower penetration there will be more time spent shuffling, and thus a lower expected loss on an hourly basis.
Let's look at the data first.
The following table shows the number of tables by game and year for Clark County from the Nevada Gaming Control Quarterly Statistical Reports.
All years are based on the fourth quarter except 2009, which is based on the third quarter, because at the time of this writing, the fourth quarter was not yet available.
Sports, racing, bingo, and keno are not included.
Note how 21 is the biggest loser, going from 74.
Game 1990 2009 21 74.
This question was raised and discussed in the forum of my companion site.
For the benefit of other readers, a "ten-card Charlie" rule means that if the player gets to ten cards, without busting, then it is an automatic winner.
According to my simulation, the probability of the player getting to at least ten cards is 1 in 60 million.
So, it lowers the house edge by about 0.
At the casino, near Frankfurt Germany, they have a special card in their blackjack game.
This card is an ace and replaces one of the regular aces in a six-deck shoe.
The card features the image of the casino founder Francois Blanc.
If the player gets a blackjack including this card it pays 3 to 1 instead of the usual 3 to 2.
It is also an automatic winner for the player, but an ordinary blackjack for the dealer.
Six decks are used.
How does this rule affect the house edge?
I show the combined value of these rules is worth 0.
Using myI get a house edge before the Francois Blanc card of 0.
The Francois Blanc card rule lowers the house to 0.
According to the Spielbank Bad Homburg rule book, the Francois Blanc is exclusive to their casino.
For how to play under these rules, please visit my.
Player loses total amount bet if dealer gets a blackjack.
Those rules are so bad that the hair on the back of my neck stood up reading them.
Using myI get a house edge of 2.
I'm assuming a continuous shuffler is used and the player can re-split to four hands.
The no hole card rule costs the player another 0.
However, the most offensive rule is the push 22, which costs the player 6.
The bottom line is a house edge of 9.
That is simply an abomination to the game.
I invite kings bounty blackjack readers to let me know if there is a worse set of blackjack rules out there somewhere.
Six decks are used.
Can you tell me the value of this promotion?
The following table shows the probability of each event.
The probability for the five-card 21 should be considered a bit rough.
The blackjack rules are pretty liberal there, with a house edge of only 0.
Unfortunately, the promotion has ended as of this publication date.
This question was raised and discussed in my forum at.
I know of a blackjack machine where, through a bug, the player can get back a losing insurance bet.
The rules are eight decks, blackjack pays 3 to 2, dealer hits a soft 17, double after split allowed, no surrender, and no re-splitting.
What is the house edge of this game if I get back every losing insurance bet?
This bug is equivalent to getting an extra unit every time the dealer has a blackjack with an ace up.
That will happen 2.
The house edge would be 0.
With it, the player advantage is 2.
For further discussion on this question, please see my forum at.
There is a blackjack game called Hot Action Blackjack being played at the California Grand Casino in San Francisco.
What is the basic strategy and house edge?
All things considered, I show a house edge of 6.
It goes to show why I would stay away from player-banked games in California, unless you're the one banking.
This question is raised and discussed in my forum at.
I saw the following rules on a bar-top blackjack machine at Binion's in Las Vegas: Single deck, dealer stands on soft 17, blackjack pays even money, both player and dealer must stand on six cards, and no doubling or splitting.
What is the house edge on this awful set of rules?
According to Norm Wattenberger, creator ofthe house edge under these rules is 4.
This does not factor in the rule about standing on six cards, which I figure cuts roughly equally both ways.
Unfortunately, bar-tops elsewhere have this same set of terrible rules.
This question is asked and discussed in my forum at.
I found a blackjack machine with a player advantage of 0.
As a group, we've played flat bet 2,015,000 hands and am down 1,475 units.
I don't specify the exact rules, lest I give the play away, so please take the 0.
What are the odds of running as bad as we are, assuming the game is fair?
Based on that advantage and hands played, the expected win is 2015 units.
Assuming a standard deviation of 1.
The difference between your actual win and expected win is 3,490.
The probability of results that bad or worse is 1.
I found a blackjack machine with a player advantage of 0.
As a group, we've played flat bet 2,015,000 hands and am down 1,475 units.
I don't specify the exact rules, lest I give the play away, so please take the 0.
What are the odds of running as bad as we are, assuming the game is fair?
Based on that advantage and hands played, the expected win is 2015 units.
Assuming a standard deviation of 1.
The difference between your actual win and expected win is 3,490.
The probability of results that bad or worse is 1.
In 100,000 hands of blackjack, how many losing streaks can I expect to see of 10 hands or more?
First we have to find the probability of a win for any given hand, which will depend on the rules, which weren't stated in your original question.
In my page onI give the probability of a net win, push, and loss under "liberal Strip rules," which are: fortune telling blackjack decks, blackjack pays 3 to 2, dealer stands on soft 17, double after split allowed, surrender allowed, re-splitting aces allowed.
I'll assume that a push counts as a hand played, but does not advance nor reset a series of losses.
In other words, there will be a losing streak of at least 10 hands every 1,094 hands, on average.
A random simulation backs this up.
At this point, I'm sure my perfectionist readers are preparing to See more me with intellectual whipping on.
I'd like to emphasize that my formula is an ESTIMATE and in fact quite a good one.
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