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🤑 Federal government finds Station Casinos’ Palms in violation of federal labor law, orders it to bargain with Culinary and Bartenders Unions | Culinary Union Local 226


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Sunset Station Hotel & Casino + Buffet

We offer a comprehensive review of Station Casinos Boarding Pass Program.. and currently winning at it (though stations are situated off the Las Vegas Strip)... if your account is inactive for more than 12 months, you will lose all your status ...
Discover TripAdvisor's #1 Reno hotel and casino. Experience unmatched amenities, exciting casino action, elegant dining and a. Win/Loss Statements ...
Station Casinos said Tuesday the company's net revenues fell 2 percent in the first quarter as customers, feeling the effects of increased taxes ...
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Stations Casinos giving out free bets on Golden Knights to win Stanley Cup Station casinos win loss


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Wednesday, Sept. 14, 2011 | 2 a.m. - Station Casinos was once a Wall Street darling, enjoying increasing profits by nailing a business plan that ...

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Club Wild - Wildhorse Resort & Casino Station casinos win loss

Answer 1 of 45: I received an email the Boyd has the 2012 Win/Loss. exa,mple people who tend to win jackspots might get invited more because the Casino wants. card for the four of a kind) at Main Street Station, yet it shows a loss of $49.
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Station casinos win losscasinobonus

station casinos win loss Visit for more information.
Station Casinos was once a Wall Street darling, enjoying increasing profits by nailing a business plan that relied on local, repeat customers.
Station has been trying to get back in good graces with its customers after having emerged this year from Chapter 11, with car giveaways, revamped restaurants and more employees.
The newest tactic: a revamped Boarding Pass loyalty program with bigger perks.
The program is expected to cost the company more money in the form of more and better freebies and comes when many local casinos are staying the course with cost-cutting efforts.
Although gambling revenue appears to have station casinos win loss after a precipitous fall the last couple of years, business remains depressed, with many local casinos noticeably empty during the day and picking up at night and on weekends.
And the company is lowering the gambling threshold to qualify for upper tiers within the loyalty program — a separate perk with additional rewards for bigger gamblers.
Industry experts call it a bold move to win back the business of customers who may have been tempted by better deals elsewhere.
In focus groups last year, customers said they wanted more for their money, Kelley said.
Several months ago, Station executives rolled out freebies and discounts for any and all opinion slot jackpot wins thank customers, not just local gamblers — from 2-for-1 dinners to free hotel stays.
The company lowered prices for casino buffets to at or below cost and restored favorable payouts on video poker machines.
Station has hired more than 1,000 employees this year, including at least 500 full-time workers, in an effort to improve customer service.
Also this year, Station took back ownership of casino cafes from chain restaurants and introduced a series of company-owned Italian restaurants with oversized portions and reasonable prices.
Customers preferred the company-owned cafes, and like to know what to expect when returning to the casino for a meal, Station spokeswoman Lori Nelson said.
In another expensive promotion, Station gave away 220 cars in February to gamblers — a return to the old-fashioned marketing tactics for which Station Casinos founder Frank Fertitta Jr.
Station expects to spend even more money advertising its revamped loyalty card, Kelley said.
Well Haa to you.
I will never EVER set foot into your casinos.
BOYCOTT Stations to win a big tournament how poker and make them realize what they had until greed took over!
The Fertitas had the right idea.
The last time I was at a Station Casino a woman commented, "Good luck, you have to spend 300 dollars to win sixty.
I haven't been back in quite awhile because it sure seemed that way.
Staffing seemed non existent.
I hope the strategy works.
It's one thing to take my money over time.
It's another to take it every time!
Sorry, Liz, but Stations did not rely on repeat local business.
The so-called "regulators," charged with looking out for the interest of the public, abdicated their responsibility in order to win favor and perhaps future employment with a greedy Stations management.
It did not work all that well as Stations bankruptcy shows because, despite the mindset of Stations and the perhaps corrupt government drones charged with overseeing the company, they underestimated the intelligence of locals.
Many of us saw through the charade and, with our money and our feet, voted not to patronize the greedy monolith.
They earned what they deserved: a rebuke by Clark County locals!
I agree with all of the comments.
I have not stepped inside a Station Casino in over 3 years and this won't change my mind.
Listen up all of you suits that run Station Casinos!
If you really want to bring continue reading a huge hunk of all the players that not only your casinos have lost, but also the entire state of Nevada lost to.
It's a very simple solution and also a great chance to corner the market on all of us tens of thousands or possibly hundreds of thousands of us lost souls that have been denied our right to play the only game we enjoyed playing or even coming to Vegas for.
That game was all those great IGT Keno machines.
Well you guessed WRONG!!
We hate those machines and we want our IGT Keno machines back!
All those hundreds of thousands of station casinos win loss machines have not just vanished off the face of the planet.
They are still around and all that needs to be done is for someone to go and find them!
Spread at least 100 or 200 of them in each of the Station Casinos, set the payback to 92% or at the very least 86%.
After doing that all that needs left to do is to start advertising and spreading the word around to all of us starving Keno Machine players stating that WE HAVE WHAT YOU WANT!!
Trust me when I tell you this will work!
My wife and I would almost live in Vegas, missing all kinds of work just to come to Vegas and play our Keno machines every chance we could.
Station Casinos business plan consists solely of ripping off their customers.
That's why the casinos are ghost click to see more />We never even come to Vegas anymore, but we really want to.
All of those so called new penny slots and other slots with the whistles and horns and colorful animations just don't get it for us hard core Keno machine players.
Well, anyone who views Station as "greedy" will be missing out on more return on their gambling and non-gambling dollars.
When was the last time you saw the market leader make such a dramatic improvement in what they offer when they did not have to.
Pretty bold move, I'd say.
In the movie "The Invention Of Lying", the premise is that no one knows how to lie.
There is a big sign hanging in a casino which says "The House Always Wins".
When the main character goes to buys chips, the cashier smiles and station casinos win loss much would you like to lose with us today?
In the last couple years, it seems they have done all they could to drive away players.
I wish them luck trying to get back their customer base, but most people I know avoid Station and go elsewhere.
Stations exemplifies the classic "A day late and a dollar short" adage.
Locals got onto their game of greed early on and walked away in droves.
Even their "We love locals" campaign failed to bring out the staunch players who went elsewhere.
They abandoned their most important asset -- their customer base -- and now are trying to win them back.
Sorry, but I think the local market has too good a memory and has found more lucrative playing fields.
Stations drove me to Boyd and I seriously doubt they can do anything now to bring me back.
Sorry, Stations; you lost me.
I don't like the way you treat us locals.
You may love us, but you treat us like crap.
Stations may have made some mistakes.
No one really knows.
They did what they thought they had to do to survive.
No one posting here has station casinos win loss can run a casino.
Good luck to them with their new program.
They employee a lot of great people and have been here much longer then most of the haters.
They will be here long after the haters also.
The proof is in the pudding and anyone who has visited Red Rock Casino knows that.
The once friendly Rampart Casino did exactly what got Station Casinos in trouble with thier customers and now the Rampart Casino along with it's sister properties are dying on the vine with terrible locations,horrible payouts,rude management and heavy debt.
The only thing that may save the Rampart Casino location is the owner of the property will not renew the lease and will run the casino themselves by spring, a break for everyone involved.
The Rampart Casino was slipping during the last few years,but a new casino manager who ran the casino as if where his personal prison by treating customers and employees like inmates fianlly did them in.
A funny thing happened the jack ass casino manager, the little leprechaun, is gone,much to late and now casino slots win real money casino is gone.
Recent visits to Red Rock has demonstrated they are serious about customer service.
Good luck to them.
Here's some advice for Stations.
Keep your giveaways and loosen your slots.
My wife and I prefer to play Keno and went to Red Rock.
After 200 dollars and 0ne 7 out of ten we decided that they are to tight.
The machines have an ugly blue screen with yellow frames.
Alls it did was give me a headache.
Homer: agreed with the Rampart comments.
We frequented that place for months on the weekend and only had one night that actually won a few bucks.
It gets old losing and then having to listen to the ultra amatuer music groups that they employ.
Gues its back to Sun Coast.
Horrible atmosphere but at the end of the night I'm not broke.
How nice of Station Casinos to loosen the slot payouts after years of stealing money from it's customers.
Give them a second chance?
I don't think so.
I have to agree with the comments that stations treat the local like dirt.
I only lived there for 3 years, and after the first year I stopped going completely.
I NEVER won there, at any Station, EVER!
Why go somewhere when you know you don't stand a chance?
Not only did they shut off their machines, but bingo was just as bad.
No thanks, when I come to visit, I still don't go to station, and I never will.
Cannery, Sams, Gold Coast will have my business thank you If you want a visit web page payback game, DO NOT PLAY KENO!!!!!
Especially video keno, those machines just eat money.
Or if you must play do it 5 cents a spin.
If you want a higher return game play video poker or station casinos win loss how to beat the sports book.
I play video poker and craps as well as a little bit of blackjack and Hold' Em at Red Rock all the time.
There are times when I win big on the Double Double Bonus video poker.
But there are times when I lose a lot there too.
I am slightly ahead with my winnings there and I stick with one kind of game.
That's how you really win at any casino.
I will try the Megabucks once in a blue moon and I never win.
The penny slots and the tv show or movie themed slots are the worst odds.
I stay away from them.
So I can say I am kind of successful with my paybacks there.
I will give all the readers a hint at what else helps me win there at Red Rock: -Don't always insert your players card when you play.
So, the next couple of times you are playing, don't insert the players card.
This is what has worked for me.
It may work for all of you too!
All smoke and mirrors.
Yes, Stations hired 1000 employees, AFTER laying off 2000 during the bankruptcy.
Yes, they will give you 3 points for every dollar but, only on reel slots, NOT on video poker.
Yes, they will give you cash back but Boyd Group has been doing that all along.
Stations is merely duplicating what other casinos have been doing all along and taking credit for their ingenious marketing strategy.
The huge cost of marketing has come directly out of the pockets of employees.
Kevin Kelly renigged on his promise of raises and return of company funded 401K contributions.
Station Casino employees have not received raises in almost 5 years.
They may talk the talk, but they don't walk the walk.
All scam and no thank you Ma'am.
You are also wrong on Boyd, only their top tier get that value.
The payouts on the slots at Santa Fe and Aliante are a disgrace.
An investment of 30-40-50 coins sees the majority of payouts at between 5-20 coins.
Payouts of 2 coins for 3 of a kind or 100 for 5 of a kind are just pure rip-off.
Bonus spins of 8 to 15 free spins regularly result in minimal pays, if you are lucky enough to get a bonus.
You may win if you play a penny at a time, however more and more machines are becoming minimum 50 coins a play.
It used to be fun playing the slots at Santa Fe but it is becoming a very expensive pastime these days.
Loosen the slots or you won't have too many people to give the rewards to.
Stations doesn't do enough promotions for it's poker rooms.
They emphasize the Mega Bad Beat and some freerolls at the expense of jackpot hands, hourly high hands, flop bonuses, etc.
Other poker rooms in town seem to get it but not the Stations.
It's too bad considering the proximal locations of many Stations properties.
Wake up Stations and start putting in progressive Jackpots, aces cracked, anything.
So that's the trick.
Lose at video poker first, then go win at craps.
That's where they get the money to build all those nice casinos.
Their monthly coupons, a joke, so many restrictions their own staff can't figure it out!
They really appreciate you playing to earn the Extra Free Packs, customer loyalty my backside.
Compare the programs for Arizona Charlie's East and Sam's Town to any Stations property and you'll know why most locals are gone for good.
Station Casinos, eh, think I'll just rent a movie!
Blackjack247, Stations has no intentions f developing the Showboat site.
The only reason they bought it was to block any other gaming company from developing a competing casino.
That has been their game plan from day one.
Buy up the competition and thwart new develpoments in order to tighten machines and pay employees below industry standard wages.
In the article above, read how they admit to loosening up machines to offer better payoffs.
Their game plan stuck in the craw of locals and now Stations is begging for their return.
I played there and had faith in thier gambling online to how winnings claim to their players, till I'd lost enough to quit playing there.
They DO NOT care just click for source make their properties competitive.
They only want you to put your money in their machines for 3X points or dollars.
I know and you know you've stopped paying-do you really think that 3X pts will hide this FACT?
I know it doesn't.
My take on this?
You wouldn't need to offer 3X pts if you actually paid fairly.
People would come and play because they were getting a fair shake.
This 'new promo' is just another masking of the fact you've quit paying fairly.
You know it and so do we.
I went to their OMG how stupid could GVR be party to promote their new points program.
They asked us to line up and tell them our other Stations' card numbers or give them all of our Fiestas and WildFire cards so they could all be consolidated into one, new card.
I got an printed invite from every property in the mail with this party and promo rollout.
NONE of them indicated we should bring our other Stations cards with us.
Stations, stop trying to be something you're incapable of being; competent, fair and honest.
Your staff is incompetent, your games' hold is more info to GREED and your 'new campaign' is nothing but hiding the fact YOUR CASINOS DON'T PAY.
I'm sure you'll get some idiots to come in again, thinking you care about them.
Till then, wise up.
Did you notice NONE of these comments had a good thing to say about you?
Wake up and realize you call us and ask us to come back, but we don't.
Give us fair play and quit this freakin' greed.
Unfortunately, 1dayatatime, your post could be directed towards any operator in Vegas, especially those on and around the strip.
Station is nothing strange or unusual; it's just the way business is done now.
I remember back in the 70s, we used to LOVE going to Palace Station.
Their buffet was cheap, 3 or 4 dollars, but it was FABULOUS.
Nice and cool and comfortable, tons of fresh food, meats, vegs, pastries, deserts.
But the slots weren't tight station casinos win loss sometimes we'd walk out with a pocketful of silver dollars remember the thrill of silver dollars clanging down into the tray?
It was just a great, fun place, with a happy, relaxed atmosphere, and sometimes we just stayed there instead of on the strip.
Now it's all owned by Wall Streeters, Arabian oil shieks, European banks, whatever, all of whom are utterly, totally clueless.
You could take this whole discussion and replace the word "Stations" with any other operator in Vegas.
It's the way things are, and now I'm down to just passing through Vegas every 3 or 4 years, if even that often.
My wife and I quit going to Sunset Station because of tight machines.
We went last night to see if anything had changed with this new promo.
We had planned to try the Italian restaurant with a half-price coupon they mailed us.
Our slot money didn't last until dinner.
I beleive they have tightened the machines even more if that's possible.
Sorry Stations, that was your last chance.
When I moved here a dozen years ago, my son was about 6.
Someone told me there was an off-strip casino called Boulder Station that had daycare.
My son and I were basically "raised" there.
And of course we alternated with all the Stations with a KidsQuest.
What separated Stations from the rest were the floor people.
They all knew you.
Now the only way you get to ask an employee a question is to wait on a long players club line.
If I wanted to be invisible, I'd gamble on the strip.
But the final straw was when I opted out of snail mail spam cluttering my mailbox - which is always 20% off a spa treatment that I'll never use.
Knowing I gamble every day a lotI waited on the incredibly long players club line to ask why I never get "Free Play".
I was told if I don't receive the spa mailings, I also don't get the free play.
Tore up my card and have never been back.
They need to go back to being "neighborly".
All I have to say is this revamp of the rewards system is a bunch of crap.
Is that any way to treat loyal players.
They devalued the points I had accrued prior to the change.
It seems to me that station casinos win loss should have compensated for this loss.
I will not play at Stations again.
I will take my money to the M and MGM resorts.
At those places I am appreciated and respected. station casinos win loss station casinos win loss station casinos win loss station casinos win loss station casinos win loss station casinos win loss

Boulder Station Hotel & Casino 2018

Win/Loss Statement | Pechanga Resort & Casino Station casinos win loss

Win/Loss Statement | Pechanga Resort & Casino Station casinos win loss

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Inside the sports betting app for Nevada's Station Casinos - how to use STN. The free bet is lost regardless of the outcome of the wager.


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